20 Effective User Acquisition Tips for Mobile Apps & Games

Like the development process, marketing of mobile apps and games has become challenging. After completing application development, no one is sure that their application will monetize according to their expectation because there are millions of applications available in Google, Apple and other stores.

In fact, the size of application market is mushrooming at fast pace. Hence, it has become difficult for marketers to get attentions of the customers and retain the their application users. This affects the revenue system of not only the new organizations, but also the established companies. In order to aid the marketing professional in acquiring users for mobile apps and game, this blog has been drafted with 20 most effective tips.

Have a Glance Over The Imperative Tips

1. Research The Channel That Works Best For Your Business

Before going to market any kind of mobile apps, you should first do some research to identify the best channel for your business. The best channel can help you reach to the relevant audience and speed up the marketing process. It will also help you generate the revenue in minimum time.

2. Prepare Pre Launch Marketing Content Effectively

Prepare the content (video tutorial & textual content), Ad banner and press releases. The press releases should showcase the description about the app and importance of the app, so that the customers will know the reasons for buying and installing your app. After deloping the contents, publish them on the community websites, forum and other platforms. All these contents should be made live, just before the launch of mobile apps.

3. Create Separate Landing Page For Promoting App

Landing page is the powerful approach that can directly convert the users into your loyal customers. Besides developing the website for application promotion, it is also good to launch the landing page. But, you should also make sure that your landing page has proper content, feature-rich functions, call-to-action button and superb interface.

4. Focus On Micro-Market

At first, everyone should target the micro-market, this will make it easier for you to grab the attention of the potential customers as well as generate revenue. Moreover, it will save the efforts, time and cost. If the mobile app is successfully accepted, then the your user’s base will automatically grow.

5. Deploy Content In Superb Format

You should invest your time in creating the content in superb format as this can drive the users to read the content. Moreover, it is also better, if you deploy interstitial ads as this will enhance the CTR and users’ engagement.

6. Be Active On Social Media

Social Media is a huge platform, where you can find the users for your application and connect with them instantly. Keeps yourself active round-the-clock, share various contents on the social networking website frequently. Moreover, you should write comments and response to the people timely.

7. Ask Friends To Try Your App & Get Feedback

You can also share your application with your friends and ask them for a feedback. This is the best way to identify the pitfall, if any in the application. Additionally, it will give you insight over the user-experience with your mobile apps easily, so that you can improve it effectively and come up with the update in a next version.

8. Reach Forums And Ask People To Try Your App

At Community & Forum page, you can convince the other people to try your mobile apps. In this way, you will be able to know that how is your application performing and what can you do to enhance the performance.

9. Optimize App Visibility In Apps Store

Whether you are publishing your app in Google play store, Apple’s App store, Amazon or other stores, it is imperative that you provide App description, proper title, video and demo. You should not leave any field empty in the app store while registering your app. Secondly, do not give priority to the elegant app store, choose the relevant app store for your application.

10. Use Social Media For Advertising Your App

Facebook and Twitter have the best features that enable the users to advertise their applications. Here, you should not worry about the ad-blocking software.

11. Devise Onboarding Process Effectively

According to the report, only 20% of the downloaded apps are used once. The reason is, the users do not get the expected things (like, functionality and information) in their application. Thus, they download other free apps. To retain the users, you should integrate the onboarding process in application marketing. For this you should embed proper content that can guide the users for using the app effectively

12. Index App To Make It Visible On Search Engine Page

App Indexing is the best way to rank your app at better position in Google search result. There are various App Index APIs available that can speed up the process of app indexing and help your app get noticed on the search engine page.

13. Exchange Ads With Other Developers

Promote your app by partnering with other developers, so that they can advertise your app and you will advertise their applications in exchange. In this whole process, you should remember that do not choose the partners according to their size of their customers’ base. You should choose on the basis of features of their apps.

14. Give Special Affiliate Commission on Apps

Indulge in affiliate marketing, provide special commission or benefits on your app to the users, so that your affiliate marketer can promote your app more effectively. The affiliate is the best way to direct the customers toward your applications organically.

15. Provide Incentive To Your Application Users

At different festive events, you can come up with incentives for your application users. This will make your users happy. Additionally, your users will definitely promote your app among the other people.

16. Use The Push Notification To Target Your User

If you have come up with some new updates in your application and want your user to know about this updates, then push notification can help you effectively. You can also convince the users to resume using application by sending push notification.

17. Prepare Valuable Content That Insists People To Share

Create the content that revolve around your app and make the people to share it on another networks. In this way, you will be able to make your application popular.

18. Piggyback On Other Networks

Piggyback on other famous networks and application. This strategy was adopted by Paypal, Youtube and other tools. Paypal piggybacked on eBay in order to make the payment process secure, faster and reliable. Hence, it has become the important mode of payment for eBay. Youtube had also piggybacked MySpace and become the popular. In case, your app support some features that enhance other tools functionality, then you can piggyback that network.

19. Study Performance Indicator Metrics

During marketing campaign, you should evaluate the key performance indicators thoroughly. It will help you know how your marketing campaign is going, so that you can find the shortfall in the marketing.

20. Deploy Press Releases Regularly

Even after the launch of application, you should not stop deploying the press releases The press release is an effective way to bring the users towards your app in a short duration. Additionally, it can make your application popular in the online marketplace.


Hopefully, all these 20 tips will help you make the acquisition and even retention for your mobile apps easily. If you have any confusion at any point, then you can write to us by using the comment section given below. We will soon connect to you. Stay tuned, we will come up with more new ideas and concepts.

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