4 Amazing Facts that are Worth Knowing about Mobile OS and its Applications

The emergence of tablets and smart phones has completely changed the way, people used to surf the internet. Today, an application is available for almost every aspect to meet our business as well as personal needs. More and more people are seeking to hire a reliable mobile application development company as app creation for distributed enterprises is quite daunting task. Developers need to work with different technologies, distributed environments as well as computing networks built on hybrid structure in order to create high-quality applications.

The Most Intriguing Facts In Favor Of Custom Mobile Application Development

iOS comes out as an evident winner across the competitive aspects except learning curve and cost. Nearly 42% developers choose to develop apps using for iOS, whereas around 31% of the developers opt for Android app development.

Advertising has become the most favored revenue model for applications, widely used by above 38% developers. Freemium & In-app purchases are also on rise and are used by over a quarter of developers that were surveyed. In-app purchase holds the second position among the popular iOS revenue models with more than 37% developers involved in using it, which falls slightly behind the pay per download.

Android has become the most purchased operating system across the globe with around 70% smart phones sold in 2012, while the iOS sales remained stable from 2009-2012.

The survey revealed that nearly 49% of developers like to develop apps for personal use rather than making money. They earn the least revenue per application per month.

Mobile application development is gaining rapid popularity among the developers as well as business owners. With a wide array of modern tools available over the web, it is not that difficult to create mobile application, if you have good knowledge of various mobile technologies and posses excellent programming skills. But, if you are a newbie and want to attain an alluring mobile application, then it is wiser to seek professional help from a trusted app development firm.

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