6 Popular Apps to Stay Updated with the Midterm Election 2018

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In this blog, we have penned down some of the most useful apps for elections, which you cannot ignore if you are keeping an eye on midterm elections.

The US has stepped into a poll mode for the midterm election, which took place on November 6, 2018. The election will decide the fate of each of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 out of 100 Senate seats in Congress. The election will also decide the presidential future of Donald Trump!

The recent election has become a much-debated topic, as it’s the first election that is all set to use a smartphone app called Voatz. The app allows some voters especially those of West Virginia based military personnel serving overseas to commence their voting right through the voting app.

So, how have you planned to stay updated with important polling data, surveys, gossips, politicians’ activities, etc.? Well, if the election is going to use the smartphone app for voting, then what is stopping you to use it? We’ve picked up certain popular mobile apps that will help you keep eyes on the live election scenario, related activities, midterm election predictions, midterm election results and more.

List of Best Apps for Midterm Election

Apple News App

Apple launched the news app especially targeting midterm election 2018. It provides specific news, blogs, etc., related to the upcoming election. Since the company doesn’t produce news itself, it features the important publications from Politico, The Washington Post, Vox and others.

Poll Tracker App

Poll Tracker gathers and aggregates all data available publically. It then combines the data in a regression analysis and uses the results for making an interactive graphic to help users understand everything clearly. Based on data from reliable sources, it forecasts the election results. In addition, gives you detailed information regarding midterm elections 2018 predictions.

Poll tracker lets users go through meaningful charts and share results with others in their networks. It includes the push notification feature and never lets users miss even a single update regarding the poll. The app lets them gather ‘who says what’ during the election campaign.

White House Official App

With White House Official App, you will be able to gather a peek inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s the best place to explore White House official blogs, press releases, and other important updates. The mobile app also lets you watch the presidential activities across the country especially during the election peak.

Congress+ App

Congress+ is another important app that every political junkie should have, especially those who desire to explore information regarding members of House of Representatives and Senate. It provides their biographical details, campaign statistics, contact details, etc. Apart from this, it also helps users in tracking any sponsored or co-sponsored bill that a representative supports.

Politifact App

Politifact includes flip-o-meter that can measure the truthfulness of politicians. It also features ‘Truth Index’ that reflects how politicians are true and genuine. It helps users in checking the fact and thus they can gather useful things, based on politician’s recent speeches or statements.

CNN Election Center App

The app makes users informed about the election result with an appropriate graphical presentation. It gives you details about the numbers of seats captured by each party. Moreover, the numbers of winning and losing faces. It also helps you in locating the nearest polling stations and lets you explore information regarding the local races.

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