7 Valid Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Gaining Fame Worldwide

7 Valid Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Gaining Fame Worldwide – AppsChopper
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Thinking about adopting mobile marketing strategies for your business. Here’s why you should do it. 

Marketing is an integral part of any business, which serves a range of purposes from brand promotion to accelerating sales of products and services. Your marketing efforts will be futile in absence of a solid strategy. This goes to the same when it comes to mobile marketing, which gained a huge acceptance among businesses for helping them in surviving in today’s fast-paced competition. And increased the role and importance of mobile marketing companies.

According to current stats, the number of smartphone users is expected to reach 2.87 billions from 2.1 billion in 2016. This prompted many businesses to consult mobile marketing companies to replace their business strategies with mobile marketing strategies to propel dynamic growth of their business.

In this post, we are going to discuss certain valid reasons that played a vital role in increasing popularity of mobile marketing.

Average Time Spent on Accessing Mobile Devices is Increasing

Today, every American spends nearly 10 hours on their smartphones for different purposes – navigating different websites, apps, chat, playing games, calling, etc.

The gives business a golden opportunity to draw attention of smartphone users through their mobile apps. It helps them find numbers of potential customers for the products and services they are offering, apart from an effective brand promotion.

Users Get Control on Marketing Efforts

Mobile marketing works on the principle like ‘customers are king’ and thus gives customers a liberty to control everything – what to see, what to accept, what to disallow and many more. This clearly means that any mobile marketing companies can’t force users to see or accept anything that they are not interested for. It reflects that mobile friendly is directly proportional to an enhanced user experience.   

M-Commerce is on Rise

Mobile commerce is really on boom and an average 67% of the total retail time is spent on it, even though only 20% of the total money spent on it. According to the experts, it is expected to grow further by 2021 and will reach up to $333. There are many businesses including Facebook Messenger, Pinterest and others already adopted this trend and allowed buyers to use this platform to feel the difference.

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Mobile Messages are Effective than Emails

Mobile messages are easily accessed by users compared to emails. According to current figure, 98% is open rate for mobile SMS whereas only 20% is open rate for emails. The prime reason is users don’t get enough time to access emails and check one-by-one.

On the other hand, it is also true that a large percentage of emails sent are directly placed to the spamming folder. This increased the popularity of mobile apps like Messenger, Whatsapp and others, which are an effective way of sending messages.     

Mobile Ads are Highly Engaging

The emerging technology like virtual reality plays a vital role in making your advertisement effective and users, on the other hand, will love to engage with it. Mobile marketing offers something to every business and makes their endeavors fruitful by offering the desired outcomes.    

Social Media Ads Platform

Witnessing by leaps and bounds growing acceptance of mobile app marketing, some popular social media sites like Facebook and others have developed ads platforms to help businesses target their mobile customers to make their campaign successful. The entire process is of course effortless and can be started by just clicking a button. For those who already use social media ads can change in a simple way.    

Users Buy In Stores

Thanks to the mobile technology that offers customers a wonderful opportunity to buy and then compare especially when they roam around the stores. So, businesses can take benefits of it through an effective mobile marketing campaign. An easy navigational mobile app helps your business discover more advantages when customers are ready to shop any products.   

Conclusion: –

If your older business strategies fail to deliver the expected outcomes, it’s now time to get in touch with mobile marketing companies to adopt right strategies for the sake of your business growth. It transformed the way business creates their reputations among customers and makes everything quick and easier.

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