8 Benefits of Using Blockchain for Mobile App Development

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In this blog post, we have discussed about what is Blockchain development, how they are developed and what are the advantages of developing apps with blockchain.

Technologies like Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), Wearable, etc., have a major role in making mobile applications more robust, smart and secure. These are the reasons behind growing usage of mobile applications in multiple industries.

Blockchain, apart from above technologies, is another most sought-after technology that has affected mobile app development to a wider extent. The technology has in fact created a stir in app development horizon and grabbed the attention of many established market players like Facebook, Microsoft and others who have also adopted the said technology as well.

Apart from big market players, enterprises and startups also frequently opt for Blockchain app development to address their business requirements and getting the desired outcomes. This has fostered the demand of Blockchain applications among enterprises.

What is Blockchain App Development?

Blockchain app development lets businesses express their specific mobile app requirements and app company creates product accordingly, to help them explore new avenues to expand their horizons. The development process includes implementation of cryptographic algorithms, decentralizing apps based on enterprenur’s custom needs to make app secure, auditing smart contracts, etc.

How Blockchain Apps are Developed?

Blockchain developers leverage Ethereum to develop decentralized applications that use this technology to run the programming code of apps. To define Ethereum, it’s basically a distributed public Blockchain network that has the capability of leveraging Blockchain differently unlike Bitcoin.

Advantages of Developing Apps with Blockchain


Blockchain is simple, user-friendly and easy-to use technology to be leveraged for mobile app development. The major advantage of Blockchain app development is that it makes the development process quite simple and and thus also minimizes the overall cost.

The reason is complex technologies often make it tough to incorporate data into mobile apps. So, mobile app developing with the complex technology is often expensive.


Apart from simplicity, Blockchain is also a highly reliable technology; the credit goes to none other than it’s robust structure. It is basically a complete system itself and less vulnerable of any crash or collapse. The technology consists of multiple blocks which possess the data in a single place and contribute in making technology more reliable.

Blockchain has distributed and interlinking nature makes it tremper-proof, more stable and completely secure against any unauthorized data modification.


To understand how Blockchain makes mobile apps secure, it’s important to understand about the technology. Well, it includes a complete chain of series of interconnected blocks. Every block includes the transaction data and also timetap for the previous block. Blockchain uses cryptographic to encode and store data.

Since blocks are interconnected and interlocked, it’s clumsy for hackers to make any unauthorized access. The concept of Blockchain technology is designed in such a way that it offers a higher level of security with the powerful data encryption.

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Keep Apps Updated

Blockchain is growing with a fast pace. And it’s expected that the technology will bring several major updates in coming times. This helps business in keeping their app updated to match their future needs, in order to help them in offering an improved customer service.

Another advantage of using Blockchain is that it’s an open-source technology. So, developers involved with the Blockchain app development can easily share and at the same time, get updated with the advanced trends and techniques to leverage to create robust, scalable and business-centric application.


Since the apps developed with Blockchain technology is highly secure, it offers a higher level of transparency as well. The technology is capable of recording every transaction in a way that users can easily track the same anytime. This is the reason why Blockchain app minimizes the fraudulent activities or any type of fabricated activities. And makes the entire system highly transparent.

Distributed Ledger System

Blockchain gets an edge over other technologies, when it comes to distributed ledger system. You should be aware of the fact that it is the only technology that is endowed by an extensive computer network, which sends data collaboratively. In case information is altered or similar cases, changes are then sent to the other devices on the system having the same ledger. This is helpful in adjusting the changes and values accordingly.

Protect Identity

The major USP of Blockchain technology is that it stores data in each block rather than in any server. So, it’s certainly impossible for hacker to temper the system to make any unauthorized access to data. With Blockchain, users, on the other hand, get a secret encryption code to work on cryptography.

Safety of Digital Information Accessed by Multiple Users

The Blockchain technology advocates for highly advanced data encryption system. So, it’s not possible for anyone to misuse the system. So, it’s apt for mobile apps that are accessed by multiple users and also need verification of details that are meant to be adjusted.

Enterprises often require mobile apps that can protect their digital information like signature, contract, etc. App developed with Blockchain ensures full protection of these information and facilitates all parties to access and edit information at once even without interacting with each other.

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