8 Best Food Ordering Apps to Grab a Bite

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In this blog post, we have listed the best mobile food ordering apps to which can double your food ordering experience.

Getting hungry is not a big deal in today’s time. People can order their favorite food from their preferred restaurant, and get the same delivered, no matter where they are. Thanks to certain best food ordering apps that give foodies a genuine reason to excite and have a major impact on their lifestyles.

The major advantage of using food ordering app is users can grab opportunities to browse thousands of restaurants located nearby them, access food menus, browse items, order easily and get delivery at the provided location. This is not the limit – well, users can in fact track the progress of their order and calculate when the food will be delivered.

Take a look at certain most sought-after food ordering apps that have tantalized the sense of foodies to a greater extent.


Stores: (iOS, Android)

DoorDash App

DoorDash lets users have a world-class food at their own location, whether they enjoy a picnic or at home. The app lets them browse numbers of local restaurants and menus to place an order for mouth-watering food. Users get more options to access, as the list of restaurant and delivery location gets updated on regular basis.Features

  • Users can browse over 110,000 menus in over 600 cities across the US and Canada.
  • Quick ordering, reorder, group order, etc.
  • Place order in advance.
  • Track order to check when it will arrive at the provided location.
  • No minimum order limitation, payment is accepted through Apple Pay or credit cards.


Stores: (iOS, Android)

Postmates - Food Delivery

Postmates lets users enjoy their favorite food anytime and any locations. Being a member of the app, users can avail the advantage like exemption from paying delivery fees, on any order above $15. Free trial option is another great thing that excites users a lot.


  • Browse over 350,000 restaurants and menus to place food order.
  • Get delivery at office, home, park, hotel, etc.
  • Users can join Postmates unlimited for $9.99, to enjoy free delivery.
  • Track delivery progress.
  • 24/7 availability.


Stores: (iOS, Android)

Yelp Local Food & Services

With over 135 millions restaurants across the world, Yelp in fact works as users’ guide in finding the nearest restaurants and place food order instantly. With the app, users can go through images, read reviews, etc., before placing the final order. It works as a city guide, apart from being a food delivery app.


  • Users can discover popular and the hottest restaurants nearby them.
  • Filter search option by distance, neighborhood, reviews, ratings, price, etc.
  • Read and write reviews, see/upload images and more.

Uber Eats

Stores: (iOS, Android)

Uber Eats Food Delivery

With Uber Eats, users get a liberty to browse plenty of local restaurants and of course world-famous food items. It displays varieties of restaurants offering mouth-watering Pizza, Burgers, Burritos, etc. Users can simply order these food items, which are delivered at Uber speed.


  • The app displays delivery address, time and total price (including tax and booking fee), while food ordering.
  • Users can pay directly with Uber account or can add credit/debit card to pay.
  • Real-time food order track.


Stores: (iOS, Android)

Grubhub Local Food Delivery

Grubhub enjoys having a wide list of restaurants and lets users order their favorite food from the restaurants they love the most. The food ordering process is simple and quick. Users can avail quick delivery of food items they order, at the mentioned place. Grubhub also provides pickup for those of takeout orders.


  • Users can browse the largest selection of restaurants offering varieties of food like Chinese, Italian, Greek, etc.
  • Easy and simple takeout process.
  • Real-time food tracking, lucrative deals, discounts, etc.
  • Multiple ordering, ratings, reviews, etc.

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Stores: (iOS, Android)

Seamless Local Food Delivery

Seamless lets people get a true experience of seamless dining. The app allows them to browse the largest selection of top-class restaurants with delicious food. All they need to do is to browse the local menus, select food items and place the order, to get food delivered at their doorstep quickly.


  • Users can search local food option nearby them.
  • Discover lucrative food deals and discounts.
  • Use ‘Express Order’ to reorder their favorite food items quickly.
  • Track food order in a real-time.
  • Users can place their order in advance (up to 4 days).

Beyond Menu

Store (iOS, Android)

BeyondMenu Food Delivery

Beyond Menu lets users search thousands of popular restaurants, browse menu to see the available food item and order for delivery. With the app, users can discover over 35 different cuisines and try something new and can explore the largest restaurant community.


  • Users can browse menu and filter search results by cuisines, distance order type, etc.
  • Check out local coupons and apply, while food ordering.
  • Add multiple addresses and your location, through GPS system.
  • Explore past orders and re-order easily with a single tap.


Stores: (iOS, Android)

delivery.com - Food & Alcohol

Delivery.com excites everyone seeking to have the best food ordering app that can help them place order quickly. Once, users provide their address, they can browse numbers of local restaurants craving to serve them. All they need to do is to browse their menu, select food and place the order quickly.


  • Users can search by food items, cuisines, etc., to order.
  • Earn points for the stuff they are looking for.
  • Use multiple payment options like Android Pay, visa checkout, credit card, etc.
  • Push notification to get alerts about newly added restaurants, menu’s or food items.

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