Android Application Development: 5 Golden Reasons to Say a Yes

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Rolling up the fact that Android is the unbeatable king of the mobile platforms; the Android applications are too the hottest topic of search among the mobile users. In this post we are going to put the limelight on some prominent advantages of Android application development that can make you think twice about the choice application development platform.

High Return on Investment

The main reason to choose Android application development services is the fact that this platform gives high return from a minimum investment. This development with very less expenses also attracts the beginner developers or small/medium scale businesses. The only expenses involved during the process of Android application development may include development charges, application testing fees and app promotion charges.

Globally Accepted Development Language

While choosing a mobile platform for application development it is really crucial to look for the tools and code language on which the process would be based. Android applications are based on the Java language which is termed as the basic language for any developer. The global acceptance of this development language makes the development process easy as well as cheaper.

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Wide Distribution Channel

The distribution of the application is a crucial phase of the development process. This phase decides the future of the application as well the generated revenue. When we talk about the distribution of an Android application; we are offered with various choices. Either it is the Android App store or 3rd party application stores; the developers are having a handful of choices and hence can maximize the profit.

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Developer’s Support

Android application development is a very popular term among the application developers and this can be undoubtedly judged by the everyday accelerating graph of the available Android applications. A large community of Android application developers is always there to help the developers by solving the issues related to the topic. So the developer’s support from all around the globe can be an impressive reason to go for the Android app development.

Open Source

Inviting every application developer to showcase their skills; Android is an open source platform. So the developers don’t need to pay any fee or to wait for the registration process. The Android SDK is also an open source tool kit which minimized the development cost.


Android application development is surely the safest and most profitable path for both small as well as large businesses. The success of the application primarily depends upon the concept, the choice of most appropriate application developer and the marketing strategies.

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