Android Apps Fusion of Sweet Pros and Bitter Cons

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With the increasing no. of mobile devices; the demand and popularity of android applications are too beating the charts. With the highest user following; Android application are more likely to target the potential users and hence shoot up the graph of success and scope for the business. More no. of users also means that the branding of a business can be carried out on a wider platform.

So whatever may be the reason behind your decision of creating an android app for your business; the complete knowledge of the concept is a must for you. When you search for the query related to android application development; you will only be served by the sweet features of the android category but what about the bitter one? Are there any? If yes then what are those?

Your every question will be answered in this post.

Let’s Start with the Sweet Pros First:


Simple Programming Language:

Programming language is the core aspect of every development process and everyone (exceptions are always there) hates the scary complicated codes. The android applications are mostly written in Java language which is comparatively much easier and hassle free.

Open Source Development Platform:

May be the heavy fee of using the SDK or app development software won’t affect the billionaires but for the small or medium size businesses they can be one of the most important aspect of decision. Android is an open source development platform that means the SDK and other useful development software are free to use.

Easy Testing Environment:

Testing of the application is the last but undoubtedly the most crucial phase that determines the popularity and feedback of the users for the app. No user will favor you to keep trying your app even if it is showing an error or bug. The android provide an amazing testing environment to the app developers.

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Time for the Bitter Cons:

Bitter cons of Android app development

Confusing Multitasking Features:

Android is one of the best mobile operating system to built dynamic apps but for a newbie or an inexperienced app developer the tasks turns out to be a complicated mess. So for an out of box which require complicated API; it is always advised to hire experienced android app developer.

Presence of bungled Apps:

The android app market doesn’t impose strict & harsh rules in the app submission which is a plus point for the app developers but it also results in the stack of crapware (failed apps or abortive apps). These apps can affect your applications if you are not sure about the app management and promotional strategy.

Hardware Limitations:

Android operating system is used in thousands of different mobile devices which is a good thing if you care about the no. of potential app users but different devices also mean different hardware attribute and hence different hardware limitations. An application built on the hardware attributes of a particular device could be a fail on anther device. This problem can be effectively minimized by the professional techniques and experienced mind.

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