Android Application Development: Money Making Machine for App Developers

Are you curious to know the trick of earning high revenue from an Android application? In this article , we will unleash the tactics and techniques by which you can maximize the revenue figures of your application.

There are basically 5 modes by which you can make bundles of profit with your app.

In-App Ads

In-App Ads are one of the most common method by which an Android Application developer can earn the revenue or I should say HIGH Revenue. In this mode the advertisements are shown inside the applications and the developer collects the revenue as per impression by the user.

Paid Apps

If you are popular and confident enough that your application is unique and have high percentage of active users then you can go for Paid Apps option. In this mode the user pay a specified amount of charge to download the application from the Google Play Store.


Freemium is one of the most effective option for both experienced as well as the novice android  App developers. If your application is amazing and out of league but you are not sure about the active users then you can first offer a free limited version of your app to the user and then can ask for a fee for the premium access.


Providing the Advertisements in the notification window of the user’s device is the latest technique to earn revenue. This mode is mainly for the Android Application developers only.

Pay Per Download

It is a smart move specially followed by those android app developers who are neither sure about the active users nor they can add In-App Ads. In this method the user can browse the services menu and details but for downloading or using a particular service; he has to pay an prescribed fee.

Do you want to know which mode will suite the best for your app? Just check out the below provided infographics and I am sure that you will find the answer by your own.

Android Money Making Machine


I hope that this article would have encouraged your decision of choosing Android Application development to earn the maximum benefit. If you are facing any kind of query regarding the topic or the process then you are welcome to contact us at [email protected].

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