Tutorial Guide for Android App Developers

Really amazing growth! Right? This tremendous popularity and growth of Android platform has attracted millions of application developers in the field of Android application development. Android application development is stated as the most secure path for a novice application developer but underestimating the risk level could be really disastrous.

If an Android application developer keeps a knot of just a few guidelines then he can surely taste the fruit of success with the application. To help every Android application developer; today we are providing a tutorial guide on Android Application Development. These steps will surely provide a perfect guideline to develop an effective and attractive Android application

Planning the Process

Planning is the first step of every process and this step asks more attention in Android application development. Before proceeding with the core development process; it is very crucial that the brief map of the application must be discussed. In this stage the developer prepares a sheet about the basic structure, resources and functionality of the application.

Designing the Wire Frame of the Application

The second step of Android application development comprises of designing the wireframe of the application. This Wireframe provide a brief description of how the resultant application will look and work like. This step is very important as the developer can easily calculate the errors of the application.

Designing the User Interface

The user interface is undoubtedly the first impression of your application and it determines whether the user is interested to explore more or just need an excuse to move to your competitor. The user interface of your android application must be engaging and appealing to stick the user to your application. The UI of the application requires more attention if you are developing a game or utility application.

After these pre steps of Android application development; let’s put a spotlight on the core aspects of development process.

Groundwork Development

This is the first step of the core development process. It is also called as the base process of an application development process. At this step the developer constructs the back-end process of database designing, app architecture and social integration.

Application Testing

After designing the Android application; the step of application testing comes into play. I this step both the back end as well as the front end of the application is tested across different parameters. This stage helps in identifying and resolving the bugs and errors of the Android application.

Promotion and Marketing

This is the last and the most effective step of Android application development. In this step the marketing and promotion strategies have been sketched before the application release.


I hope that this post will surely give you a brief idea of Android application development process. For further knowledge and any clarification about the topic; you are always welcomed to contact us. We will love to assist you.

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