App of the Week: Dribbble – App for Designers

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Have a passion to explore inspirational designs from experts? Dribbble app lets you do it, with a single tap. As the most popular social platform for designers, the app lets you follow the best design from the experts and also share your designs among thousands of others. Most commonly recognized as a playground for designers, the Dribbble app lets you explore icon design, prototype, animation, graphic arts, illustration and lots more.

Dribbble App Features

Dribbble single app screen

  • Access your profile easily and see the likes and bucket collection.
  • Browse trending designs from those users you follow.
  • Use keywords or tags to search for inspirational designs.
  • Upload your design smoothly.
  • Explore the latest job listing.
  • Easily upload your new shots with the use of your device.
  • 3D touch enables you to get a closer visual of any available shot.
  • Share extension enables you to share your Dribbble from designing tools.
  • Use Dribbble links to open shots.
  • Dark theme
  • Push notifications

Dribbble app lets designers explore evolving design trends and can implement these in their design to make it more rejuvenating. It lets you polish your skills and become more creative while crafting design. The app aims to help designing enthusiasts to share their work and grab wonderful job opportunities.

Available for both iOS and Android users the app is available for free for everyone. The app also has a subscription model for some added features.

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How the Dribbble App Works?

Dribbble App Screens
Dribbble is a cloud-based app that works with the following steps.

  • It saves users’ personal information while creating an account.
  • All your works and creations that you upload get saved on the cloud.
  • The app saves user activities like following other users, numbers of uploaded shots, likes, etc.
  • When users search for a particular design using keywords, the request first goes to the cloud server and then data gets processed accordingly, to display the items.

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