App of the Week: SoundCloud Pulse – An App for Audio Creator

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Fond of your own voice and seeking to let it gain attentions of others? SoundCloud Pulse app is a right place for you. With over 150 million tracks, the app has become the most acclaimed music and audio streaming platform. Create your new track and upload it instantly to increase your audience base and get ready to earn fame as an evolving music artist.

SoundCloud Pulse Features

  • Check comments on your uploaded tracks and reply instantly. SoundCloud Pulse - Small Image
  • Keep a tab on the performance of your tracks, access current stats to analyze how much exposure your track gained from listeners.
  • To check the most engaged users from countries, cities, etc., you can use Go Pro that enables you to access advanced stats related to a complete performance of your track.
  • Use toggle privacy setting and edit your track details using your mobile devices, from any location.
  • Share your newly uploaded tracks both publicly and privately.
  • Keep eyes on other users and follow them to get something interesting.
With over 40 million registered users, SoundCloud Pulse app, created by reputed mobile development company, enjoys a huge fame in all over the world. It lets you access details of every uploaded file through respective URL. So, you can easily embed to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others. The app is able to play your uploaded tracks within Facebook.

Available on both iOS and Android, SoundCloud Pulse app is free for users. Meanwhile, it’s also available with certain premium features.

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How SoundCloud Pulse Works?

SoundCloud Pulse - Screen Image

SoundCloud Pulse app allows registered users to create, download (only if creator permits) and share the tracks. Here’s how the app works.

  • Users have to first create their personal accounts to access the app. All information that users provide during account creations get saved on the backend server.
  • When they upload a new track, it gets saved on the backend server.
  • To edit the track, users have to enter the file details first and request goes to server, which processes the request further and sends data of the desired file to open it.
  • Comments made by users on tracks get saved on the server. When users access the account, they can click on the comment section to send requests and the backend server displays comments accordingly.

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