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Whether you wish to read, watch or share the hottest new stories, Vice News app lets you do all with ease. Get updated with what’s happening across the globe, with interesting, meaningful and factual news stories. Serving as an international news channel, Vice News app is mainly for those of connected generations. With the app, engross yourself with interesting documentaries, live streaming videos, original pictures and lots more.

Vice News App Features:

  • Offline access to stories. Read news stories, incisive and smart articles anytime and anywheVice News - AppsChopper 2re, even without an internet connection.
  • Stream interesting documentaries wirelessly, with the help of Chromecast.
  • Social media integration lets you share the latest news stories, videos, documentaries and other interesting content on your favorite social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.
  • The app has real-time data sync with their website and app content, you see all that gets published.
  • The app offers text-to-speech for ease of listening news and for impaired users to stay updated.
  • Vice News lets users watch video coverage through YouTube player, and also support Airplay for Apple TV.

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Vice News app is designed with the main purpose to assist smartphone users to discover the easiest way to watch, read and share news stories. Since the app works offline as well, they can do it anywhere and anytime. It gathers those of under-reported stories and focuses on its every aspect while presenting it before to users.

Available on both iOS and Android, the Vice News app is completely free to download for every user.

How Vice News App Works?

Vice News - AppsChopper

Vice News app, as mentioned, displays the content directly, available on its main site. And prevents smartphone users to access the website to read the news stories. Here are some points that define how the news app works.

  • The application has a centralized database for user accounts and content publishing.
  • Vice News app has a powerful back-end from where publishers manage content, which appears on their website and application.
  • Sharing the story creates a request to the server and specific content gets shared on the chosen social network.
  • The app uses Google YouTube services to stream video on their platform.
  • Vice News app records user preferences and creates personalized Watch feed.

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