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Are you a news junky who always stays keen to explore under-reported news stories? In this blog, we’ve picked ‘Vice News’ as our app of the week; it collects stories around the globe to shine a light on under-reported stories as they happen.

What are under-reported stories? In layman’s terms, under-reported stories are such important news that doesn’t get the deserving attention. However, it’s important to cover the world’s under-reported stories and shed light on the stories that are often overlooked by mainstream media. That’s what exactly the Vice News does – it emphasizes the coverage of ‘under-reported stories’ along with the other hottest news stories.

Nowadays, to stay abreast of the latest happenings, a person just needs a smartphone and an application that is constantly broadcasting the latest news, and that’s all. Thus, the surging demand in news apps has led many businesses to look for a professional app developer who can create a great news app, thus increasing its ROI.

What Is Vice News?

Vice News is an international news channel created by and for a connected generation. It updates you with the latest happenings worldwide with interesting documentaries, live streams, originally clicked photos, and articles.

Vice News is Vice Media’s partnership with HBO producing documentary essays and reporting daily on topics such as global affairs, politics, climate change, and many more. Vice News has a very engaged audience who visit the homepage multiple times throughout the day. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

What’s Unique About the Vice News App?

Since its inception, Vice News has covered emerging events and widespread issues around the world. Every day, it publishes a daily news capsule called “News Beyond the Headlines,” where it briefly covers four daily stories that did not receive much coverage by other mainstream news outlets.

It also publishes daily articles on its website on various current world events and maintains a Vice News Wire, where it displays wire reports from around the world.

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How Vice News App Works?

As mentioned earlier, the Vice News app shows the news stories directly on its main page, and that’s easy-to-navigate. This eases things for smartphone users and allows them to access the app on their fingertips anytime, anywhere. Let’s have a look at how the Vice News works!

Vice News - AppsChopper

  • The application has a centralized database for user accounts and content publishing.
  • Vice News app has a powerful back-end from where publishers manage content, which appears on their website and application.
  • Sharing the story creates a request to the server, and specific content gets shared on the chosen social network.
  • The app uses Google YouTube services to stream video on their platform.
  • Vice News app records user preferences and creates a personalized watch feed.

Features of Vice News App

The Vice News app is specifically designed with the main purpose to help users to discover the easiest way to watch, read, and share news stories. Let’s explore all the features the app includes.

  • Read news stories, incisive, and smart articles anytime and anywhere offline.
  • Stream interesting documentaries wirelessly with Chromecast.
  • Share the latest news stories, videos, documentaries, and other interesting content on your social networks.
  • Real-time data sync with the website and app content.
  • Offers text-to-speech for ease of listening news and for impaired users to stay updated.
  • Lets users watch video coverage through YouTube player and support Airplay for Apple TV.

To conclude, if you like to stay abreast of the latest happenings around the world, Vice News is your on-the-go news consuming app. It’s purposely built for mobile phones to be the easiest way to watch, read, and share stories. Also, since the app works offline, it gives you a reliable reading experience and lets you access the news anytime, anywhere.

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