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Mobile chat application has become the trendiest and the most used app among the other types of applications. Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Voxer, Viber and many other instant messaging video and voice chat mobile applications are dominating in different parts of the world. According to the estimation, around billions of people are connected with mobile chat apps. With the advents of the mobile chatting application, there is a huge effect on the SMS volume. In fact, the SMS volume is getting plummeted day by day.

Due to an upsurge in the smartphone users, the invention of new mobile chat applications has also revolutionized. AppsChopper understands it very well that what a modern user expects from a chat app. Our prime aim is to build amazing apps similar to WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, and Viber but with some exclusive features. Our research team have created a powerful ready to launch instant messaging solution and anonymous messaging solution to fit for every specific needs.

The major reason behind the growth of chat app utility is,

♦ The Internet and smartphones have become economical.
♦ Secondly, the chat app comes with superb functionality and high-grade interface that eases the way for users to connect with other users instantly.
♦ Third, with the help of this application, users can share any kind of file, like video and data with good speed.

It is estimated that in the coming times, the chatting applications will rule the market. Indeed, it is not confined to users, various businesses will soon use these kinds of apps to connect with users and promote their products & services, integrated with AI and chat bots. Companies, which have launched these kinds of apps are making huge profit. If you want to be the part of this marketplace, then we can help you build your amazing app with our instant messaging solution, anonymous messaging engine or a custom mobile chat application for your specific needs.

Why Go To AppsChopper For Mobile Chat Application Development!

AppsChopper is a dominant application development company, which is providing the application all around the world. Our company has the team of specialists, who are associated with the development of mobile chat applications for different platforms, with years of experience in iOS apps and Android development. Our team is versed with all the imperative features of both the platforms and has expertise in Java and Objective-C programming. While developing the mobile application, we engineer a perfect app with following features:

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Implement Pleasing User-Interface:

User-Interface design for mobile app is the most important component, our designing team relentlessly researches the best interface that can offer the superb experience to the users. Our motive is to outline the app’s interface with minimalist and advanced features.

Platform-Oriented App Development:

Our Android and iPhone application developers ensure that the mobile chat apps are working seamlessly on both the platforms. Along with the development of apps for various mobile OS, we also hold specialization in HTML5 application development with sheer competency and proficiency.

Cover All Requirements of Clients:

Our team has immense experience in developing the mobile chat application. We know how to add various features such as video chatting, adding smileys, sharing different types of data, notification and making the application to access the native features directly, such as camera, storage and many more.

We believe in developing innovative functionality. Our team has superb analytical skill and know what trending feature should be added to the chat application to boost the business and please the users.

Type of Chatting Applications we can Develop:

We design and develop Instant Messaging, Social, Video, Voice chat, SMS Chat, Free Chat, Team Chat, Group Chat mobile applications. Our name has been widely acknowledged for developing the replica apps of WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, Viber, etc. The clone app development we practice includes the insertion of a few unique features in the chat apps. We lay our complete emphasis on building the mobile chat apps by incorporating the most advanced features.


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