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At the end of the year 2012; the market experienced a change in the subject trend of Mobile application development. These trends are getting brighter in this year too and according to the market experts; the scope and the drift of app development will see the golden phase in the upcoming years. Hence it becomes very important for every business to keep track of the latest trends of the app development process to make the most of it. To help my regular readers I had researched and complied the list of latest mobile application development trends in the later section of my post.

Mobile Online Instant Messaging Apps

Text messages are one of the most popular mean of communication among the youths but the high charges announced by the network carriers had surely upset the users. To avoid these high charges; Smartphone users are opting the mean of online text messaging. The first milestone in this field was put by the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and then followed by the popular mobile application ‘WhatsApp’. At the present time BlackBerry too has announced a subscription charge for BBM and hence the popularity of rest of the online mobile instant messaging applications has took a sharp growth.

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Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is emerged as the latest face of brand promotion in the recent months. Companies and businesses are developing mobile apps which are embedded with the advertisements especially designed for mobile users.  Many of the businesses had also integrated these mobile advertisements with the online surveys to get the feedback from the customers about a particular product or service. Watch this video for more information about the topic:

Mobile Health Monitoring Applications

The applications based on health care are too rising as the hottest topic among the application developers in 2013. These applications provide the information like total calorie intake, total calorie burn, heart rate, blood pressure and even enable the user to instantly connect to the nearest medical aid in the case of emergency. The best part of these mobile health monitoring applications is the fact that they doesn’t require a super hi-tech device to perform; moreover a GPRS enabled Smartphone with a few additional sensors can perfectly fit the job.

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