Bird Shooter: All New Game for Shooting Lovers

Bird Shooter is an amazing Android based shooting game that allows the player to shoot the bird without taking care of the number of bullets. This game has been programmed excellently with awesome graphics that will take you to the another world. In this Game, the player will have to shoot the bird along with taking care of himself from bird attack. The more the bird hits him, the lesser will be the power.

Here, player will discover new challenge at every different level. It is very easy to play as it supports amazing animation, user-friendly and interactive menu and gestures controls. This game offers delightful experience to the players and make day amusing.

Bird Shooter is the most entertaining shooting game that comes with numerous levels to make you busier the whole day.

Category: Games(Arcade & Action)
Size: 3.5MB
Compatibility: Android version 2.2 and up

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