BlackBerry 10 Application Development: Top 5 Reasons to Choose

Should you go for the most popular ‘Android’ or the most advanced ‘iOS’; choices are many so your choice gathers impressive importance. BlackBerry 10 application development is the latest chapter in the field of mobile application development and undoubtedly making astounding sound.

To tell you more about the latest updates of BlackBerry 10, I am integrating a video in which the BlackBerry officials talks about the new sensation in the city.

So if you too are planning to enter in to the arena of mobile application development then it becomes really crucial to look at the star points of BlackBerry 10 app development. In the later section of the post I had put a limelight on the top 5 reasons of choosing the BlackBerry application development that includes:

Less Competition in the Market

It is a clear fact that the major section of app developers is concentrating on either the iOS or Android applications and hence had triggered a tough competition in between them. BlackBerry is not so much red at the present time and hence encounters lesser competition as compare to the iOS and Android application development.The lesser competition means that your BlackBerry app can reach more no. of users and hence will boost up the demand. With this marketing situation of less competition and high demand; you can sell you app at higher rate.

Large Array of Development Tools

Development tools are surely one of the most important of the development process which decide the work ability and popularity of the application platform. Leading the way; BlackBerry 10 application development provides a complete plethora of tools and technologies to choose from. The developers can go for C++, C, or Java Qt for coding the applications. Icing the cake; the BlackBerry developers can even employ the HTML5 for richer UI of the applications.


It is a sure fact in the terminology of application development that the success of the mobile application and mobile application platform relay on its general users. Every Smartphone has the amalgam of the users who regularly visit the mobile stores and the one who rarely see what’s going on the app stores. The majority of the Blackberry devices are in the hands of business geeks and professionals so it is an outmost probability of the BlackBerry application to be purchased as compare to other mobile platforms.

Developer’s Community Support

The Developer Community support by the BlackBerry is unquestionably the best from the category. Whether it is the regular updates by RIM through Twitter or the BlackBerry Jam events organized all around the globe; the developer is connected to the squad of experienced developers throughout the process.

Financial Support from BlackBerry

It’s rude but true that the definition of the success revolves around the word ‘Money’. BlackBerry is offering the attractive amount of $10,000 as guaranteed app income for every certified BlackBerry 10 application developers. This attractive deal from BlackBerry can surely attract the mass toward the BlackBerry 10 application development.


I hope that these 5 reasons would surely emphasize you to think of your decision of choosing the application platform again. For any information or query regarding the topic of BlackBerry 10 application development; you are welcome to write us through the contact form.

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