BlackBerry App World Generates Highest Revenue Per App

Most of the people have notion that ios apps hold the maximum share in revenue generation in application world. But this data from IHS Screen Digest will definitely dispel the common myth. If you are going to develop the mobile application, then please go through the below given statistic first.

The above table clearly states that BlackBerry app world is growing with 360.3%. Although, Apple app share value 82.7% of total revenue (which is the highest), the growth percentage is depleting yearly. On the other hand, Google Android Market have made 861.5% growth, which is the highest in the chart. The base from which Google Android market has attended such an exponential growth, is the lowest in the chart.

According to the report by RIM (Research In Motion) it has been evaluated that since launch of BlackBerry store, one billion apps have been downloaded. Moreover, it has also been evaluated that 4 to 5 millions apps are being installed per day. Indeed, the BlackBerry apps are downloaded 43% more than iOS app, while 48% more than Android applications.

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