BlackBerry Application Developer: Best and Effective Application Marketing Strategies

BlackBerry Application development is the process of developing software applications for the BlackBerry devices. These applications are designed on different genres to meet different requirements. This race to ‘make something better every time’ has provided a stage to the zillion of developers to showcase their skills and talents.

Every Blackberry application developer is trying his best to get the maximum stars in every aspect of BlackBerry application development including User interface, sound specifications, ease of usability, programming complexity and overall budget. But most of the BlackBerry application developers forgets the most vital scope of the process; ‘The Blackberry application marketing strategies”. It is totally unarguable that working algorithm of an application development counts a lot but the marketing strategies are also unavoidable.

Beside with helping your application to reach the target crowd; these marketing strategies covers the whole area of sale, price and advertisement. Many of the newbie feels miserable at this stage as they did spent their almost entire budget in the development process only. To help those Blackberry application developers; I am providing a list of some effective application marketing strategies that can help your application to hit hard in the market at negligible price.

Go for a Video shot

video shot

Videos are unarguably much faster and easy way to convey as well as receiver a message. I know it is hard but it is a fact that in this fast era of technologies nobody will dare to read the long manuals of an application. So if you are not a BIG name in the application development; hold your camera and shot a video of your application. You don’t even need to use a professional camera; a mobile phone or a conventional camera will efficiently fit the job. This video can be shared easily to much more digits of target users through different sharing hubs like You Tube, Facebook and Vimeo.

Review your App

Did Your app reviewed

Feedback are always treated as the greetings by any Blackberry application developer. Along with providing the response of the users; the feedback put a lime light on the shortcomings and very minor errors of the applications. If you want to go high with your application; it is always advisable to get the reviews from the professional app review websites. Most of these websites are free but a few of them take some negligible charge.

Banner ads

Mobile Banner Ad example

Even from the Black and White era of Business; Advertisements are always the hottest search to magnetize the crowd. Banner ads are one of the most adopted and effective marketing strategy for the BlackBerry applications. The banner ads on the popular and high traffic websites will surely give a brand name for your application. This may effect a bit on your pocket but it is definitely worthy strategy to invest.

QR Codes

QR codes

QR codes are the latest and coolest way to be the popular eye candy among the stack. The Quick Response codes can swiftly install and share an application on BlackBerry devices. These printable codes can be easily distributed through cards, websites, brochures and notice boards.

I hope that this post of mine on ‘BlackBerry Application Developer: Best and Effective Application Marketing Strategies’ will help you to hit the charts with your application.

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