Effective App Design Strategies to Surge Conversion Rate

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Market is nowadays jam packed with millions of mobile apps and users get plenty of options to choose from when downloading apps. According to data, App Store accommodates approximately 2.2 million app for users whereas Play Store houses 2 millions apps designed by mobile app design companies. Some of mobile apps become successful in catching attention of people whereas others fail to please them due to not able to fulfill their functionality and other expectations.

A large percentage of smartphone users uninstall or abandon the mobile app even after first use. As per the statistics, the current user retention rate is average 20%, which indicates that 80% of the mobile applications failed to match the expectations of users.

In order to gain a personal attention of users, your app needs to be unique in terms of users interface, features, performance, scalability, etc. A reputed mobile app design company always draws up certain effective app design strategies following the latest UI designing trends for improving conversion rates and thus user experience of mobile apps.

Display Login and Register Clearly   

A registration process is required to login any app successfully. It is the first step of accessing the app. So, the bone of contention is that your app should allow users register and login the app hassle-free. The process should not be complex and less time taking to make users feel relax.   

Simple and Fast Password Authentication Process

There’s no denying that password authentication is required as it reflects your app is enabled with a highly advanced security feature. But, the process should not be rigorous and time-consuming otherwise it may play with the patience of users. Enabling your application with a fingerprint authentication is simply a wonderful idea rather than using hectic boxes.

Navigation and Exploration

A good application design should blend auto location properly with manual location entry. It should drive users directly towards the products and services you provide in their region. Your app should be able to transfer users directly to respective screen of your mobile app.

Search and Filter

Your app design should not create any ambiguity and display search option clearly so that users can directly access the products and services. It must let users avail option like filter and sort out the products and services they are keen to purchase. It gives users a wonderful experience and they prefer to access your app repeatedly. A mobile app design company always focuses on it and provides a wonderful option to their users.

Comparison and Simple Clutter

Sometimes, users leave the app even after browsing the products and services in-depthly. So, what’s the reason? Well, users often do this not because of shortage of products they are looking to purchase, but lack of design expertise.

Inclusion of feature like comparison lets users engage with the app and helps them find the exact products they are looking to buy. Make sure users are not distracted with clutter of button. It is wise to keep it simple and quick.

Simple and Easy Form

Users often avoid filling a lengthy and a complex form. So, it is imperative for an mobile app design company to keep it simple, interesting and user-friendly. You can include the auto-moving screen for letting users fill the form effortlessly. Using right keyboard is necessary for letting users fill the form with an ease.

Finger-Friendly and Simple Buttons  

Users often distract with small buttons. Make sure your app has simple and large buttons to get noticed and access by the users without any hustle. A perfectly designed tap button is always kept in thumb’s reach of the users.

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Having a mobile app is not enough to put your business in the right track and getting responses from your target audience. Make sure your mobile app is able to serve its core purpose properly. If not, it is right time to draft goal-oriented design strategies. An experienced mobile app design company can do this efficiently and let you experience the desired outcomes.

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