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Google, the leading online search engine, made stunned everyone last year by unveiling the most downloaded and trending mobile apps list for Android platform. The surprising element was: These were not the leading apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and other giants. The apps were lesser known, which most of the app developers may not have even heard about and their intended uses.

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This emerges as an influencing factor specifically for app developers who leave no stone unturned to develop astounding apps acquainted with out-of-box features to cater different industries. It is, however, essential that developers should keep eying on various emerging trends in the app development horizon and ensure their perfect applications to craft a successful and a highly downloaded app, to cater specific needs of businesses in terms of letting them make their reach wider among target customers, increase client base and find immense possibilities of growth.

We are going to discuss all popular trends gaining wide space among developers and are taken into account to develop a successful, trendy, comprehensive and user-friendly mobile apps to compete with today’s fast paced businesses.

Artificial Intelligence or AI


To discuss about the latest vogue in the mobile app development field, AI or Artificial Intelligence is the right place to start with. AI technology is an emulation of human intelligence processes including reasoning, learning, self-correction, etc., by a computer system. Treated as a backbone of app development, AI has mammoth potential to transform both enterprise and consumer facing app development in the recent year. Leveraging AI technology with fullest potentials, app developers construct dynamic app that may work as a perfect tool to gather needful and real-time insights through machine learning technology, cognitive interface and more. App enabled with AI technology allows business to get insight to foresee user preferences and provide quality services with personalized experience. It further automates routine process and helps business save time and money.

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page

AMP - AppsChopper Blog

The credit goes to Google for introducing Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) that makes it practicable to access the web pages through different devices. This prompted most of the developers to deal with AMP, an open-source site publishing tool having potential to reinforce website content and adds, to create web pages to improve its versatility on different platforms. This is not the limit! AMP also contributes a lot to improve page loading speed and lessening bounce rate too. Developers practice AMP to discover certain benefits for businesses like increasing visitors, improving ad visibility, accelerating content page and many more, apart from making them stand out from crowd.

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Wearable Devices and Internet of Things (IoT)

Wearable and IoT Tech - AppsChopper Blog

IoT and wearable devices, the two top-notch technologies gaining a huge attention from individuals, have a major impact on the app development. Using wearable devices is quite in vogue nowadays. IoT serves as a network of various items including home appliances, physical devices, and others and enables these items to connect each other easily and exchange data.

On the other hand, rising demand of wearable devices prompted developers to construct apps that can directly support these devices to help users gain more flexibility. This, of course, helps to boost capability of wearable devices along with communicating with other devices. Using IoT technology, the app engineers can create an item that can easily communicate and share various important data to several other connected devices. Leveraging IoT technology, a business can experience numerous advantages including tracking behavior of users and real time market, enhanced situational awareness, process optimization and many more.

Hybrid Tools for App Development

Hybrid App Development Tools - AppsChopper Blog

App developers have to put their extra efforts and time for making native apps for various platforms. The biggest advantage of using hybrid tool for app development is it minimizes time and efforts of app engineers and makes their operation smooth and flawless. Using hybrid technology adequately, developers are able develop cross-platform mobile application through single code and shared code mentioned in a single programming language. No need to say! Hybrid tools revolutionized the app development with entirety and help business progress dynamically with numerous advantages minimizing app development cost, magnificent UI/UX design, offline support and many more.

AR and VR Technology

AR & VR - AppsChopper Blog

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, create a stir in the app development world, are used to a wide extent for building a competent app. AR makes possible to present a live scenario of the real world environment and is used in many industries like healthcare, real estate, retail and more, while later enables users to recreate real life environment and is used prominently in entertainment and gaming industries.

The demand of AR and VR technologies have grown widespread among professionals in recent time. Professional app developers always delve into the great methodologies to create scalable app leveraging these two emerging technologies to meet expectation level of business and favoring with multi-sensory engagement, great intellectual intelligence and true emotional connection.

Conclusion: –

To create a versatile app, it is imperative for app developers to involve themselves into in-depth research to discover the latest trends  as well as different mobile app development languages implemented for building a successful app. The above mentioned trends help them craft a desired app that can easily help business maintain a pace with frequently changing user behaviors and serve them accordingly to cater their preferences and demands.

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