Experience Real-time 3-D SPACE with AR App Development Services

Transforming our physical world into virtual space no more exists as a dream. With ever-evolving app technology, our tech-driven innovators have determined more advanced & feasible app versions to deliver stunning user experience. Among all of them, Augmented Reality app development brought up several revolutionary changes in the users’ interests and outlook towards this advanced technology. Furthermore, along with changing customers’ behavior, many corporate industries and app development firms have accepted this upgraded technology & considered them fruitful for their business growth.

Overview of Augment Reality technology

In today’s world, the device-driven revolution is uprising among the global app users and that’s why, the latest technology i.e Augment reality is getting popular day by day. Not only in industrial areas, AR made a great impact on various fields including education, medical research, and the gaming world. AR apps combine our realistic world and surroundings with an app-based interface and render them onto the virtual space. In this way, every user enjoys the 3D reality in its digitalized format.

Today, almost every game lover is familiar with Virtual Reality technology that has already transformed their gaming experience but the introduction of AR based app like Pokemon Go in the previous year has completely drifted numerous users towards AR technology. With this, Augmented Reality app development service providers are emerging rapidly with upsurging demand in the marketplace.

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Types of Augment Reality applications

Location-based AR apps: For experiencing the real world around you, a location-based AR app is favorable in many ways. These types of apps enable users to access different locations via handheld devices and monitor it rather you are sitting in your room or walking on the road. With AR technology, many companies are facilitating their customers with advanced services such as real-time access to the location for driving directions, for parking, learning to conduct surgeries, understanding scientific theories via practicals, and delivering enhanced user experience via stunning games with AR functionality.

Marker-based AR apps- This is another category for AR app development and it is completely different from located-based AR apps. While accessing marker-based AR apps, you have to enable a software that automatically monitors camera functionality and will allow you to view the real world in virtual 3D space. In this way, anyone can see virtual UI just by pointing any handheld mobile device and experience moving objects or animated characters when integrated with surrounding environment.

Top Augment Reality app development platforms

For AR app development, various popular platforms are available for developers and they can be used for developing cross-platform AR apps for Android, iOS, IoT, and wearable or Google Glass devices. The latest AR app development platforms are Metaio SDK, ARLab SDK, ARPA SDK’s, DroidAR, Vuforia SDK, and Wikitude SDK. Many app developers utilize them for creating cross-platform AR apps and integrating them with cutting-edge features.

Augment Reality technology has definitely made an extensive impact on our mobile usage behavior. As per the recent research made by Digi-Capital, it is predicted that Augment Reality apps will generate $108 billion profits by 2021. With this report, it is clear that AR app development service providers will remain in demand.

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