Facebook Apps Policy Update: A Need or a Rude Reply?

On the last Saturday, the Director of platform partnership of Facebook; Justin Osofsky announced this official update of Application developer policy on the blog page of Facebook. In this blog Justin announced that

Facebook App Developer policy update 1

In the below News video; the popular News Channel CNET talks about the cold war burning between the Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter launched the application ‘vine’ on Thursday which is too based on the concept of Micro blogging. Enabling the user to record and share a six second video; this application is currently available only for the iPhone users. With this application the user was able to connect with the Facebook friends on Vine network and to share the videos on Facebook but after this app Development policy from Facebook; Twitter needs to find some another way.

In the contrast to the controversy rumor that Facebook has intentionally disabled the ‘Facebook Friend Finder’ feature of Vine; Justin also added in his blog that

Facebook App Developer policy update 2

When asked to the Twitter about the controversy that whether the Facebook has blocked the feature or it is a Tweeter Backend error? ; Twitter said that it doesn’t have any comment to speak regarding the error message the user are encountering while searching their friends on Facebook.


Whatever is the reason behind this Facebook app developer policy update of Facebook; the Facebook application developers need to follow these rules. If your application is not following the policy instructions; it could be the next victim of a rude reply by Facebook. If you are looking for a good Facebook App development company then we at Appschopper are an experienced team of Facebook application developer who keep in track with the latest technologies and updates regarding the Facebook application development.