Facebook Blocked ‘Vintage Camera’ App: Suppressing Competition of Instagram?

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Last year Facebook brought the Instagram which is a mobile app enabling the user to edit and share the pictures on social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Similar to Instagram; ‘Vintage Camera’ is too a photo editing and sharing mobile app owned by Presselite.

On Monday, 25-2-2013; Facebook banned the users to share the photo on Facebook profile via ‘Vintage Camera’. According to the app firm Presselite; ‘Vintage Camera’ has more than 7 million active users. So it won’t be too rude to say that Facebook has taken this step to suppress its competition.

While explaining the reason behind the action, Facebook told Presselite that they had blocked the app because of the negative feedback and reviews by the users of the app.

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The message of the Facebook reads like

Facebook Blocked ‘Vintage Camera’ App

By replying to this harsh action of Facebook; Presselite Co-Founder Antonie has doubted that whether the app review or app revenue is the reason behind the blockage.

Answering on a press conference with BBC News; Mark said that

Facebook Blocked ‘Vintage Camera’ App

Replying to this report; Facebook too wrote on BBC News that

Facebook Blocked ‘Vintage Camera’ App

So whatever the reason may be behind this block but again an application is a victim of hard Facebook app development policy. It is a lesson for other app developers to create the apps while keeping in minds the boundaries and rules marked by the Facebook.

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