How to Evaluate Startup Costs for App Development?

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Evaluating app development cost is the first step before stepping into a final decision of mobile app development especially for startups. Take an overview of factors that experts consider when evaluating startup costs for app development.   

The year 2017 witnessed an unprecedented demand of mobile application in the market. According to data, 197 billion app downloads revealed across the world. The figure may be surprising for most of us! Isn’t it? Well, this is not the limit. The figure is expected to go up further in 2021.      

The most interesting part about mobile app is its ability to cater needs of varieties of businesses. Whether you own a big brand or startup, you can’t simply overlook the significance of mobile app and its hidden potentials. It is fact that app development is gaining a wide space among startups for letting them catch certain unmatched benefits.  

What is Startup Costs for App Development?  

Startups often show their intrusiveness to know the actual app development cost before approaching app developers. This is the most common question asked when they approach professionals, to make budget accordingly. Another important factor is that majority of startups have lack of budget for app development so getting an exact idea of cost helps them make decision accordingly.

It is not easy to calculate the exact startup costs for app development, but it is of course easy to discover numbers of factors that help you predict the costs. Here’s a complete list of all these factors that have a direct impact on startup costs for app development.

Type of Mobile Application

There are different types of mobile apps available for serving multiple needs of organizations or individuals. These apps are;

   • Web App
   • Native App
   • Hybrid App
   • Cross-Platform App
   • Next-Gen Components

The above are some important types of apps carved for specific purposes. The development costs of these apps vary due to features, advancement, functionality, etc. Your choice of app determines the startup costs for app development.

App Platform

Though some startups pick to develop app on the both platforms – Android and iOS, it is not possible for all. So, they have to choose either of these, depending on their budget. Not denying, both Android and iOS are taking the whole world by storm with their immense reach across mobile users worldwide and of course the most promising benefits.


  • Wider reach
  • Huge client base worldwide
  • Largest open-source platform
  • Liberty to innovate with wide accessibility to Android OS


  • Users often spend more time on mobile shopping.
  • Stringent guidelines
  • Quality control
  • Better security
  • An expeditious release cycle
  • Complex controlled device platform to let users feel they are running an advanced version of iOS.
  • Developers can use the latest APIs.

The above are some prominent benefits of both platforms. So, your selection of the right one should be focused on your businesses model, requirements, service, clients, etc.

App Features

Features are the most important factors that have a direct impact on the app development cost. And startups need to understand these things well and make decision based on it. Basic version of an app is affordable and its cost tends to surge further by numbers of features integrated into it. Startups should plan features according to their business type, customer needs, market scenario, etc. They can get suggestion by efficient app developers in this regard.

App Designing and Development

The final cost of the app development is determined on the basis of total hours spent by mobile app designers and developers and also their hourly rate. The hourly rate for app designing and development is not fixed for all developers. In the US, minimum hourly rate for app development is $15.

Based of above facts, if total time is spent by app developers is 500 hrs, then the estimated startup costs for app development would be (500 hrs x $15) $7500. Besides, the cost also depends on the efficiency of your app developers in strategising, setting workflow, deployment, promotion, etc.

Conclusion: –

Startups often seek to get a complete overview of app development costs, before stepping ahead to hire app developers. To estimate the cost, they need to explore the complete app development process. This is pivotal to understand several factors that have a direct impact on startup costs for app development.

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