How Mobile Apps Development Technologies Help to Fill India’s Technology Gap

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In India, the digital landscape witnessed a boom when internet became popular during the year 1995 to 2000, mostly on desktop. However, there was a technology gap because of which the people from the remotest places could not connect to the internet. This is 2016 and among the 1.2 billion population in India, 204 million people are currently using mobile apps on different platforms. The ease of use that mobile apps exhibit has been one of the major reasons, it has experienced such success in India.

Mobile apps have taken over the digital world and is about to surpass the web in terms of number of users and internet traffic. There are several reasons that have strengthened the position of apps but the primary one is the advent of advanced mobile operating systems and devices. Leveraging the computational capabilities of these devices, the mobile apps have made our lives easier. Whether we need to shop online or book an appointment with a doctor, mobile apps can help us do every such thing. 

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Apps are not just helpful for the businesses in terms of customer interaction but can also ease the internal processes by making them accessible from remote locations. Mobile apps can integrate with the legacy systems of the enterprise and enable the organization to localize the process and make them swifter. At the end, this would culminate into an enhanced user experience.

For instance, a shoe manufacturing company professional is traveling abroad to clinch a production deal. At the last moment, the client asks for more units of shoes to be manufactured and puts the personnel in a fix. If there is an app installed in the phone that is integrated with the ERP system of the company, he can update the different business processes for an increase in demand of shoe. The organization can act accordingly and stuff the inventory for more raw material at the right time. This will ensure that the organization does not lose business.

Advantages A Business Reaps With Mobile Apps As The Technology Gap Narrows Down

Smartphone users have a plethora of choices when it comes to mobile apps. There are scores of apps that perform the same essential functions. However, what distinguishes the best ones apart, is the user experience they are able to provide to the customers. If you are in a niche business, mobile apps can work wonders for you.

Some of the reasons why mobile apps make a difference to your business

• A huge user base to cater
There are billions of apps users in the world and the count is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Through these apps, your business can target the intended users at a very large level.

• Better user engagement and retention
People love to use apps and prefer them over mobile websites. Naturally, if your business has a great app to boast, the users will get attracted to it. Once, you engage the users, you can retain them by providing exceptional user experience.

• Timed interaction with the user
If your app is installed inside the device of the user, you can easily apprise them of new offers, deals and discounts through push notification. This will help you interact with the user just when you require to.

• Build interest around your business
When your business is new, apps inspire curiosity among the users as they are always on the lookout for better apps. Your business can gain good foothold in the industry if you have a great app at the helm.

The role of mobile apps in the narrowing down of the technology gap, is something that is quite evident. Apps are able to target even those users that were not comfortable using internet on desktops or laptops. Accessing services online through apps brought the users closer to the businesses as the gap that existed was bridged by the apps as they are inherently user-friendly.

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