How to Design Mobile Apps: Explore Significant Tips in Developing Apps

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Today, the market of mobile applications has become huge. About millions of applications are downloaded every day. The population of smartphone’s and tablet’s user is increasing day by day. Therefore, mobile app development has grabbed the importance in today’s world. Besides this, the app designing has also become the most significant and trends-driven too. In fact, the designing of application plays the most crucial role in the process of the app development.

There is a common myth among users that the application designing job ends, when a designer offers the design to the development team. A designer’s job is not confined to creating the look for the product, it is more than that. He needs to develop the application’s interface, which makes application usability simple and convenient. Therefore, a designer’s role is very important and difficult.

When we talk about mobile UI/UX design, Sketch is a name that is gaining popularity these days. This easy to use tool can be deployed to design stunning user interfaces for the mobile apps, thus enhancing their user experience. Sketch can be used to create wireframe for both Android as well as iOS apps.

This blog presents key tips to design a mobile app effectively and efficiently. After reading this blog, you will be able to understand, how to start designing process, how to create an effective strategy and many more concepts.
Let’s Have a Glimpse Over Imperative Tips On Designing App:

1. Understand the Task

At first, you should be aware of the purpose of design with in-depth knowledge. For this, you have to carry out analysis in every purview, like:

Perceive Purpose of Application

You should be familiar with the goal behind the development of an app. All the projects are developed to fulfill business’s objective such as, enhancing brand identity, deploying a business’s website through mobile, etc. If you are aware of the goal behind application development, then it will become easy for you to design a significant layout for your app.

Know Your Audience

The product’s audience plays a vital role in making the business boom. Therefore, it is very important for you to invest your energy in understanding the audience, it will minimize the error in your application design and increase the possibility of grabbing your audience’s attention. Suppose, the audience includes business people, then a cartoon application will put a bad impression. Similarly, a simple design will not be liked by any children.

Draft Use Cases Encompassing Prime Functionality

At this stage, you have become familiar with the prime functionality of your app’s interface. Now, it is time to draft a “Use Case” that defines how the user will interact with an application. This will help you in finding out thousands of important aspects that in turn enable you to design a superb application.

2.  Get In-Depth Insight of the Application

Now, your next step is to have the perfect picture of your application and for this, you need to do some research. Some tips that will help you in researching have been given below:

Check Out the Application at App Store

You should spend your time in analyzing an app at the app store, where your application is going to be publicized. The app stores have feedback and rating features, read the review as this will help you in getting a better picture for your application.

Read Blog & Article Content

Today, there are lots of tech blogging websites that present the experts’ opinions about application design, trending requirement for application interface and many more. Follow these blogs & articles, you may get interesting solutions or ideas for coding interface’s controls and adding imperative functionality.

Learn Mechanics of Competitive Products

You should buy popular competitive application as this will give you hint regarding the architecture of the application. This will also help you in learning the inner workflow of the design.

Try Other Devices & Platforms

Do not limit yourself with only one platform, consider other platforms too.

3.  Integrate All Your Research

At this stage, you have a collection of photos, templates & screenshots, articles and reviews. Now, by using all these entities, grab imperative solution for your design. Let’s see, how to integrate all your findings to develop design:

Minimize Use of Secondary Function

You should focus on the primary functions of the interface. Try to remove the secondary function in your interface. The secondary functions should be kept aside, when a fresh app is released. You can release the secondary functions in the next version of the application.

Code Primary Functions Superbly

Consider all the aspects of critical functions and check out that whether the workflow of app’s design is working smoothly or not. It will be good, if you spend maximum time in this phase and never forget the core functionality of the application.

Test Whether Your App Complies with Prime Objective or Not

While doing a creative work, most of the professionals generally get onto the wrong track. Thus, it is necessary that you should test your application in every phase, check out whether your application covers all the business objectives or not.

Scrutinize the Guidelines of Platform

Examine the platform guidelines, like aspect of fonts, corner radii and many more details regarding display of the interface, so that you can create the best design for your app.

Develop Prototype & Test It

Create the prototype of your design and check the UX (user experience) in the native architecture. Test that all the elements of design are working in the same manner as you expect. You should also check your design at different screens too. This will enable you to understand the requirement of adjustment to be done in your design.

4.  Points to be Remembered

Deploy Simple Animation

Animation plays a vital role, it makes the interface attractive. But, if you use animation in a robust manner, then it gives a negative impression to the user because overload of animation can create difficulty for the user to understand app’s functionality. Try to use animation in a simple way.

Add design files with appropriate pixels

Pixels of a design file play an important role in determining its visibility across different browsers and devices. So prior to adding design files, check their pixels using an online pixel-perfect checking tool that would help you shortlist the images that need to be added in the layout.

Choose a Unique Sound

To improve user experience, pick out the exclusive and identifiable sound for your app.  The simplest way to have the right sound is by buying a set of different sounds from the various marketplaces. It is better, if you can include some new pleasing features in your application as this will enhance the functionality of your app.

Participate in Development Process

A Designer knows the best about the workflow of the application. The more you involve in the development process, the better will be application’s design. Besides the developer, it is also your responsibility to take care of every aspect of an app, such as size, speed, algorithm design, etc. Therefore, be active and take participation in the development stage.

Do Beta Testing

The application testing is the crucial part for designer’s job because designer is the one, who creates the application’s image. Hence, it is very important for the designer to know about user-experience. Additionally, it will be helpful for designer in identifying product’s imperfections.

Compare Developed App’s Design with Original Design

While doing the test for your app, compare the developed application with the original design thoroughly. Sometimes, developers may build the apps in a different manner, either by mistake or owing to misunderstanding. Hence, check out every pixel count, templates margins, fonts, etc of each screen that whether they match with the original one or not, after confirming that your app design is relevant, your app becomes ready to be shipped.


Hopefully, all these tips will help you in designing the application in the best manner. If you want to share your opinion regarding this blog, you can write in the comment section given below. Got some other thoughts? Drop us words through our contact page.

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