How to increase Mobile App installs and then App Retention


Making a mark among the crowd of the millions app is not an easy job by any stretch of the imagination, especially when the users are so fickle and always looking for new and better alternatives. There are almost 5 million apps on Android and around 2.2 million on iOS app stores. Apart from them, there are other sources too that offer apps for download. On an average, a mobile user spends 4 hours on his mobile phone and 90% of the time is spent on the apps. However, there are so many apps to keep them hooked. So how do the apps cope this intense competition and keep their user base intact and at the same time improve the mobile app traffic as well?

Well, this is obviously a challenge and requires a highly innovative and responsive approach towards the changes around you. The ability to foresee the market, trends and act on it in a preemptive manner holds the key. The challenge ahead of the app makers is not just to acquire new users but also retain the existing ones. Separate strategies are required to achieve both acquisition and retention of the users. The mobile app traffic is directly proportional to the user engagement your app is able to achieve. If your mobile app’s performance is impressive, i.e. it does not crash, does not get slow and has intuitive features, the user engagement will be on the higher side. Enhanced engagement will directly impact the user retention.

While exciting offers, deep linking, and mobile app advertisements may boost acquisition, mobile app user retention requires push notifications, personalized deals, and much more. We will shed light on both the aspects in the subsequent sections of the post.

How To Maximize User Acquisition For Your App


  • Deep Linking in email

Deep linking is the newest way to get the users on board the app if they do not have one. It also plays a major role in app user retention. When you have deep-linking enabled in the promotional email, it serves an important purpose to both acquires new users and retains those who have not been using the app lately.

In an email with deep-linking enabled, when the users click on the link given in the mail, they are directly taken to that section of the app which contains product or service that is being advertised. If a user does not have that app, he is directed to the app store which contains the link to download the app.

  • Enticing Offers

This is often the game changer. Users often flock to the app that offers an irresistible deal. If the products that are offered by others at a higher price than yours, chances are there that users will try your new app to fetch the deal. However, many other factors also play a role in it, primary being the promotion of the deal and ease of app install.

  • Mobile advertisement

You may have developed a great app and even running exciting offers, but unless you market the app and let people know about it, it is not going to be a hit. The best platform where you can market your app is on other apps and mobile sites, because the users will easily click on the add and install the app. Email advertisements are also a great way for app promotion.

How To Maximize User Retention For Your App


  • Personalized push notifications

Users love attention and the best way to show it to your users that you care about them is the push notifications. While frequent push notifications can be annoying for them, if you craft the notification keeping the specific users’ need in mind, the notifications can turn the tide.

Make sure that you time the notification well and offer deals that are specific to the users’ purchasing behavior. For instance, if you spot your users looking for a holiday trip, offer them with the best deals tailored for them. There can be no better alternative to boost the mobile app traffic.

  • Regular updates

The design trends keep changing and you need to follow them in your app too. Also, offering new features as per the users’ demand is also very important. It sends out a message to the users that they are being heard.

How meticulously you build your app, it is bound to have certain bugs and errors. They might cause app crash and other issues at specific scenarios. It must be ensured that these bugs are recorded and fixed in the subsequent updates. The regular update of the app also keep the app fresh in the mind of users.

  • Personalized deals

The deals that you offer to your users must be tailored according to their preferences. For instances, if a user is looking for formal shirts, the deal that you should be offering to him or her should be in the same range of products. This increases the chances of the users coming to your app and check out the deal. Easier said than done, this features requires you to capture every user’s preference accurately which requires meticulous planning and resources.

  • Layered UX

An app must compel the users to open it repeatedly. This is called engagement. It can be achieved only when your UX is layered. By layered, we mean that the features of the app must appear gradually as the users delve deeper into the app. This will make the app more intuitive in nature and users will find it fun to use.

A Final Thought

Registering a mobile presence with the help of an app does not guarantee users. A consolidated effort with the right use of technologies and marketing skills is required to get the users to download the app, use it and keep using it. As already discussed, the focus must be on both the acquisition and retention of the users and only then you can think of bringing more traffic to the app.

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