HTML5 Apps: The Definite Saga of Success for Businesses

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HTML5 is a fusion of HTML and CSS3 technology and they both combined to give a much powerful and functional application development language. According to the recent survey conducted in November 2012; around 63% of the application developers are currently using HTML5 and around 31% of the developers are planning to adopt it in their next project.

To provide a better look to the journey of HTML5 & HTML5 application development; below is an interesting infographics that narrates the story better than the words.

HTML5 Application DevelopmentIf we ignore the very small (6%) percentage of the exception developers; it won’t be wrong to announce the HTML5 as the future of the mobile application development. This shining success of HTML5 application development is pillared by the impressive features of HTML5. In the coming section of this post; I will discuss the major features of HTML5 application development that makes it the perfect choice.

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Easy Multimedia Integration

The best feature of HTML5 language is the fact that you don’t require to use any 3rd party plugins like SilverLight or Flash to embed the video or audio files. It is really a hassle free task to integrate the video or audio player in an application by simply integrating the Player code with the source code of the app. This enables the developers to integrate complex animations and rich interface to the application which was formerly possible for the Desktop platform only.

Clean Source Code

HTML5 is provides a cleaner source code to the developers by enabling them to replace most of the div tags with the semantic HTML5 element. Icing the cake; HTML5 application development offers easy differentiation between different elements of the source code including Headers, Footers, headings etc.

GeoLocation Tag

Location Based applications are one of the popular craze among the app users and HTML5 allows to make the experience much better and liquefied. HTML5 is incorporated with the amazing feature of Geo location tagging that provides an easy algorithm to snap the location parameters of the user. This innovative approach provides an impressive base for the location based mobile and web applications.

Offline application cache

Cache functionality of the browser is an impressive attribute that allow the users to see the web page even when the internet connection is shut down. Before the introduction of HTML5; the cache functionality was not much highlighted as it didn’t allow the user to navigate through the different pages. But HTML5 now allows the developer to assign the cache functionality to the group of pages which can be accessed even when the user is not connected to the internet.


HTML5 application development is surely going to be the paramount choice among the mobile as well as the web apps. If you too are planning to join the accelerating success graph of HTML5 app development then it is really very crucial to shake hands with the best team of application developers.

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