iPad 3: Future Trends of iPad Application Development

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It is undoubtedly true that iPad has replaced the laptops from the bag packs. Amazing screen display; millions of utility applications; better Battery backup and a comfortable compact design; these all features from iPad generation has attracted million of users all around the planet. Ranging from a college going entertainment lover to the corporate professional software designer; everyone is enjoying the magic of this super cool gadget.

iPad 2 is the currently rocking tablet generation from Apple and now the users are eagerly waiting for the launch of iPad 3. Beside with the tablet users; the whole class of iPad application development team is counting the timer digits of the iPad 3 launch. At the launch of new iPad in April 2012; it broke the sale record of 1 million units sold on first day, 3 million units sold till third day and 15 million projected for the second quarter.

Watch this official introduction video of Apple iPad3 to get an inspiration idea for your iPad App.

This blockbuster success of gadgets has silently announced the success story of the upcoming iPad 3. A lot of better and improved features are expected in this upcoming generation of tablet PCs. But who is being expected to buy this upcoming gadget at the most? According to the report from the market Mahants; in the first six months 78% of the iPad 3 will be sold to the first time iPad buyers. These digits may charm up the iPad application developer as the new gadget lovers are more prone to buy the applications as compare to the existing users.

iPad 3 Application Development

Beside with thousand of relevant as well as irrelevant update queries that the users are expecting; this iPad 3 is loaded with a pack of unexpected features. During a public survey it was unquestionably clear that the users are looking for the built-in Flash player in the upcoming Apple iPad 3 devices. The other wishes of the users includes Better camera feature, better Keyboard, 4G network, Better Battery life, ‘I wish it could cook for me’, ‘bring beer at a single touch’ and a lot more.

Ipad 3 Application Development

Something New-Something Better : It’s All Apple iPad 3

Ipad 3 Application Development

If we talk about the prime reason due to which the customers are more likely to run their fingers on the new iPad 3 than the Network upgrade scores the maximum. Around 35 % of the tablet buyers will switch switch to iPad 3 if it comes with a 4G enable data network system. While around 29% of the users will love to pay for iPad 3 if it comes with a better camera. The other reason which will result in the upgrade or buying of iPad 3 includes a better retina display; fastest A5 processor and eco-friendly practices.

Ipad 3 Application Development

We hope that Apple will surely listen the expectations and iPad 3 will hit the charts just like its ancestors. We will keep updating you with more news and information about the hottest topics of iPad Application development.

We at Appschopper are ready with our professional application developers to excel in the upcoming trend of iPad 3 application development.

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