iPad Apps for Kids: Surely Innovative but Tricky Task

iPad is undoubtedly a Kids friendly device. Along with a high resolution display and amazing sound quality that is enough to attract the kids; iPad has a very easy touch-screen interface and screen orientation feature which makes it a hassle free experience for the kids to use the device.

Developing an app for kids asks a different approach as compare to designing an app for a typical user. When you are designing an iPad application for kids; you need to be much visual and attractive. If you too are planning to design an iPad application for kids then there are certain points which must be keep in mind. The Do’s and Don’ts which I am going to discuss at the latter section of the post must be looked so as to be the favorite among the kids.

Add Colors: Add More Colors: Add Some More Colors

Looking to attract the kids? Just offer them something bright and colorful. Kids just love colors; the more colors you add in your application, more will be the possibility to be looked by the kids. So while designing the interface of the application for kids you must add more colorful to animations, buttons, background and navigation menu of the app. For providing much more customization functions; you can provide different colorful themes to user so that the kids are served with something new every time.

Minimize the Use of Text

While developing the application for kids; you must keep the fact in mind that your target users are preschoolers and they either can’t read or don’t prefer to read. So if you don’t want to force the kids to quit your app just don’t offer them pages of written instruction and information. Rather that providing the textual information; you can go for audio or animation to instruct. If you are thinking about designing a story book or eBook app for kids; then make sure that the font used is simple and large enough to make it easy for the kids to read.

Use Simple gesture

iPad is integrated with an advanced touch screen which provides the amazing gesture features like Drag& Drop, Multi Touch, Pinch To Zoom and lot more. But the kids find hard to use these advanced features, so you must embed simple Kids friendly gesture while designing an iPad app for kids. You can use the much simple gestures like swiping and sliding in your app to make it more easy to use for the kids.


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