iPad Mini App Development: Poles Apart to iPad App Development

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May be most of the applications designed for iPad are compatible in iPad mini too but iPad mini application development surely needs a bespoke and different approach. A stack of mobile application development companies promises to offer the service of tailor made iPad mini application development but most of these promises are based on the blind game only.

If you too are confused about the core concept of iPad and iPad mini application development then High-five! You had landed on the perfect spot. In this post we are going to tell you the three basic app development approaches which need to be changed while developing an iPad mini application. These 3 golden rules will surely help you to design a tailor made app for the iPad mini devices.

iPad Mini is One-Hand Usable Device

This is the basic algorithm that the developer needs to keep in mind while creating an application especially for the iPad Mini device. iPad mini is having a smaller size as compare to the iPad & other relevant tablets and hence it will be used by the single hand gesture only. The development approach of the application must be concentrated on this fact and hence we can expect to see the features like tapping, double tapping and scrolling in the iPad mini applications.

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Screen-Orientation Algorithm Need a Change

Most of the applications designed for the iPad device were having a default Landscape orientation to efficiently use the large size of the screen but this need to be changed in the case of iPad Mini. iPad Mini is having a smaller screen size so the app developer needs to embed the screen orientation customization feature  with the application. The availability of both portrait as well as the Landscape mode of the application screen is undoubtedly going to be the trend among the iPad Mini applications.

Use Only At Home: Not Any More

An interesting and shocking fact was revealed last days that more than 70% of the iPad devices are used at the home but this fact is going to be altered by the iPad Mini devices. iPad Mini devices are easy to carry and hence can be comfortably used while on the go. This innovative approach among the tablet devices will attract the user to design the Map based and survey based applications. These devices can even be used in the car and hence the scope of GPS and navigation application is unquestionably hot.


There is a way difference between the iPad and iPad mini application development and if you too are looking for developing a bespoke iPad mini application then it’s really crucial to hire the professional iPad mini application developers.

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