Evil Side of iPhone 5 App Development

It is absolutely true that iPhone 5 is loaded with some amazing features like better Retina display, advanced iOS 6 and HD Camera. These applications are far more advanced as compared to its competitors and provide an effective base for the iPhone 5 Application development.

With the increasing no. of iPhone 5 users; iPhone 5 application development is too emerging as an out breaking trend at the present time. A lot of application developers are too trying their skills to get the best out of this opportunity. If you too are looking to make some noise in the field of iPhone 5 application development then it is absolutely MUST for you to first look at the aspects of iPhone 5.

Check out this video for some drawbacks and shortcomings of iPhone 5 that must be kept in mind while developing an app.

These Points will help you to choose the traits for your application more precisely.

Apple Map is Roaring the ISSUES

Tracing the track of Google; Apple too launched its map service incorporated with Apple iPhone 5. A bag of promises and expectations were spread into the market before its release but the resultant product is simply POOR. A lot of complaints are coming from the iPhone 5 users regarding the Apple Map; they had stated that these maps has skipped the major landmarks and routes.

So if you are thinking of using the Apple Maps  in your application then better make a program that ensures that user has reached his destination on the same month.

Wi-Fi : Dead or Tortoise?

If your iPhone 5 application is going to use Wi-Fi connection then better be cautioned. Issues are flying from all over the world regarding the Wi-Fi connection issues of iPhone5. Many iPhone 5 users had raised the query that their device is either not at all connecting to the wireless network or facing very slow connection speed. This issue is undoubtedly affecting the parameters of iPhone 5 application development.

Battery Life is Short

Beside with some more advanced back end attributes like A6 processor and iOS6 Operating System; iPhone 5 is still encountering the issue regarding the battery life of the gadget. If you are planning to develop an iPhone 5 application with  rich user interface then you surely need to look at the batter requirement of your application because no one loves the warning notification of ‘Low Battery’ on the mobile screen.

Improved Siri! Really?

Apple has announced that they are offering an improved version of Siri in iPhone 5 but if we go to the words of reviewers; the story is completely different. Many of the customers had subjected that they are encountering the problem of slow response and application break down while running the Siri on iPhone 5.


If you are sure about the decision of iPhone application development then it is really very much crucial to make a deep troubleshoot about the above stated points. However Apple has announced that had fixed the bugs and issues but still we will recommend you to take the help of expert hands. We believe that

‘it is better to be prepared for the errors rather than being the example of ERROR VICTIMS’.

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