Mobile App Development Cost on iOS and Android Platforms for Business

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In this blog post, we have listed different factors that are considered while deciding the mobile app development cost for both iOS and Android.

In today’s smartphone dominated world, it’s vital to have a mobile app for your business to target by leaps and bounds of growing smartphone users across the world. According to reports, the number of smartphone users worldwide will be 2.71 billion and 2.87 billion by 2019 and 2020 respectively.

So, if you are yet to plan to adopt a mobile strategy for your business, not surprisingly, you are far behind your competitors, talking in the context of those adopted the same and reaping out potential benefits of it.
For business app development, you can target the two most popular platforms – iOS and Android. Each platform has its importance and offers numerous remarkable advantages for business. Some businesses prefer to go with either of these two whereas others opt for both platforms for the app development.

Difference Between iOS and Android App Development

Take a look at certain major differences outlined below;

  • iOS apps can be developed quickly with Swift whereas the development of Android apps takes too much time, though with the introduction of Kotlin, a new programming language.
  • Before launching of Android Studio by Google, Eclipse was the most popular development tool for Android app development. On the other hand, for iOS apps, developers use XCode for carving scalable mobile apps.
  • Android apps get featured in Google Play Store whereas iOS apps get placed in the Apple Store.
  • iOS users use Apple-made devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc. They have more spending capacity compared to Android users. That’s why developers often proceed to develop an app on iOS platforms before building Android apps.

Once decided the right platform for app development, business often seeks to get details of cost from a mobile app development company. Though it’s hard to predict the app development cost, still business needs to clear their doubts before going ahead with the app development, after all, they are going to invest a lot of money into it.

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Factors Influencing iOS and Android App Development Cost

Here’re factors that have a greater impact on mobile app development cost on both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Features, functionality, and purpose of the mobile app.
  • Selection of mobile platforms.
  • Use of visual elements including real-time 3D graphics, animation, visual transition, etc.
  • Integration of third party systems.
  • Use of device hardware features.
  • Maintenance and support.

Apart from the above factors, the strength of the app development team also impacts the iOS and Android app development costs. As more professionals will be involved in project development, the cost will be increased accordingly.

Basic Structure of iOS and Android app Development Team

The structure of the app development team depends on the size or complexity of the project. The following team structure represents an elementary or mid-range app development project:

Project Manager

The project manager is the first person whom you connect with during your app development. He/she is responsible for connecting you with the app development, coordinating the workflow and overseeing the complete app development.

UI/UX Designers

These professionals are concerned about handling graphic works including menus, buttons, navigation, background, etc. All these factors are directly related to enhancing user experience.

iOS & Android Developers

They perform the job of coding and overseeing the structure into a single whole.


They conduct testing of the final product to identify any technical glitches or bugs and remove them with quick solutions. They ensure the app’s functionality is smooth and apt for good user experience.

Types of iOS and Android Apps and their Costs

Type of App iOS Android
Simple or Elementary$20,000 to $35,000$25,000 to $45,000
Standard$25,000 to $55,000$30,000 to $55,000
Complex$35,000 to $100,000$40,000 to $100,000
High Tech$75,000 to $250,000$80,000 to $260,000

Additional Costs for iOS and Android App Development

Take a look at the following important costs that you need to keep in mind while developing mobile apps:

  • Game Center ($1,000)
  • In-App Purchase ($1,000 to $3,000)
  • SDKs ($100 to $300)
  • Sharing Capabilities ($1000 to $2000)
  • Web Services ($1,000 to $3,000)


As mentioned above, it’s not easy to know the actual smartphone app development cost before final development. Meanwhile, going through the above discussion lets you easily estimate iOS app development cost or Android app development cost, which could be nearby the actual cost.

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