Mobile Application Development: Can’t Guess! How Long the Story is?

Millions of businesses had already accepted the truth that mobile applications are the best and most swift way to boost up the graph of success. The tag cloud of mobile application development is primarily ruled by the two names; Android and iOS.

Along with an innovative idea and error free development process; the marketing strategy and time of the application launch too plays a crucial role in the success of any app. I really don’t find any reason to launch a Christmas themed app in the mid of March and I hope that you too agree with me.

So what is the reason that many of the apps still creates a blunder due to inappropriate launch time? Are the developers unaware about that Christmas concept? They are too rich and free to waste their time and money?

The answer is NO! They are actually not aware about the time that the app development process is going to take. This is not just a problem with the newbie; actually even the experienced developers too find it hard to predict the total time of App development process and especially iOS and Android application development.

If you too are sailing on the same boat of confusion then this post is surely going to show you the way. In the below provided infographics you can understand the total time cycle for an app development process. In this infographics; the designer has attractively narrated the every aspect of mobile app development including the individual process of development phase, total time taken per process, the engaged interface and lot more.

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Along with providing the crucial information; this infographics also tells some amazing and interesting facts. So are you too interested to join the success party with your mobile app? If yes; then come and share your idea with us and let’s rock the party together. We at Appschopper proudly announce ourselves as the most passionate and experienced Mobile application developers.

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