Mobile Apps Market Keeps on Increasing: Some Reasons!

It is no more a matter of wondering for the people that whether they choose mobile or a personal computer for browsing the web. The increasing market of the mobile apps makes it clear that it is mobile, which is likely to overtake the PC in the coming years. The business owners/entrepreneurs know it well that if they do not own a mobile platform, then they are going to limit their customer reach and may lose considerable income. We have come up with some of the interesting reasons and facts that reveal why mobile apps markets keep on increasing!

Surprising data from the United States:

In the month of January 2014, comScore revealed that 55% internet usage was done by using the mobile devices. Around 45% of the internet traffic came through the mobile app, while 8% was accounted via the mobile browsers.

The internet usage has increased with the use of mobile devices previously as well, but it is the first chance, when it rose just due to the mobile application usage. Due to this fact, PC sale is experiencing an immense decline these days.

Presently, smart phone sale has boomed up to 39% according to a research conducted by IDC firm. Mobile apps have been successful to improve user experience on the smart phones. In the United States, around 56% adults have smart phones, while 41% own the tablets, as revealed by the Pew Research Center.

Taking these facts into consideration, the day is not quite far when mobile app will overtake the desktop by offering incomparable ease to the people.

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