Mobile Gaming on the Rise: Facts About Mobile Gaming

With the rising demand of billions of smart handheld devices, popularity of mobile game development is also getting the attention of people to generate the revenues. With this approach, you can even commence a business of creating mobile game applications. Nowadays, the computer devices have been taken over by the smartphones in almost all aspects. According to the research, one third population of the U.S.A (or around 100 million people) are the mobile game players, who regularly use their handheld devices for playing games.

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A Quick Glance Over The Facts About Mobile Game Development

♦ More than 510 million internet users play social games
♦ 52% people play over an hour each day
♦ Average age of players is 28.2, in which 46% are women and 54% are men
♦ 53% smartphone users and 66% tablet users play mobile games each day
♦ 50% game players like to learn the newest games from their friends or family members
♦ 64% of people used to play games over other apps

Although the mobile devices are more popular for calling and messaging, but now, these are not restricted to that work only. There are a variety of mobile devices like iPod, iPhone, smartphone, etc., that are likely to be used to do a plenty of other tasks such as:
• Money transaction
• Gaming
• Online payment
• Chatting
• Surfing
• Emailing
• Accessing websites & social networking websites, & more

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To provide the best and appealing experience to the visitors, the business owners of mobile game development industry are focusing in the development of advanced game apps. Currently, there are different types of mobile games available that are coded and developed with the advanced features in order to offer the best experience on multiple devices & operating systems.

Mobile applications are counted in the most attractive apps, because these are the perfect mediums especially to capture the users’ attention, and app companies offers to hire game developers for custom concept needs. In the gamut of gaming app development, a number of companies facilities free games for the promotion of products or services. This is why, we can consider it one of the best advertising/publishing medium to entice the potential audience in an easy manner.


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