Near Field Communication: Hottest Trend in Mobile App Development

Near Feild Comunication
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Near Field Communication is a technology that enables the data transfer between two NFC enable devices when they are brought close to each other. This radio field technology doesn’t need any pairing or complicated setup to start the data transfer. This technology is also known as ‘Tap to Share’ and has a connection range of about 4 cms. The first commercial NFC enabled Smartphone (Nokia-6131) was launched in 2007; this device couldn’t gather much popularity and attention among the customers but the future and scope of the NFC technology was however marked as the coming sensation in the mobile world.

Along with the data and information transfer; NFC can be used in many more other sectors including banking, hospitals, social networking, Business etc. If you too are planning to make an application for your business than integrating the concept of Near Field Communication can surely be the Ace of Spade for the success of your app. This trendy technology can be used in different ways among the applications.

To provide a much brighter spotlight on my words; below are some of the ideas and sectors where this radio connection concept can be utilized.

Money Transfer and Payment

Waiting in the long queue at the banks and shopping mall for the bill payment and money transfer is seriously an irritating hassle. We all wish to skip this hassle. But is there any option to do that? And the answer is a big YES now. NFC can make the things easy for the users by providing them the ease to transfer the money and paying the bill by just tapping their Smartphone with the receiver. Pushing the scope to the next level; this technology can even be used in the public transport system that will save the passengers from the rush at the ticket window. A mobile application motivated with this idea is surely going to hit the charts with an impressive revenue statement.

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Health Care Sector

Near field communication could be a boon in the field of Health Care for the doctors. A small chip that will record all the information regarding the patient including the disease, medicines, last checkup etc could be easily read by the doctor on his tablet screen with the help of application based on NFC.
With this the doctors would even be able to see the logs of the doctor who last visited the patient; after every checkup the updated information would be transferred to a secure database. This idea is successfully implemented as a pilot project in different hospitals all around the world and hence demanding much more advanced mobile apps in the niche.

Social Interaction

The mobile applications based on Near Field Communication allow the users to make new friends while on the go. You can share the basic information about yourself or contact information to other users by just tapping the phones together. This idea can even be used to create an application by which you can share your business card to the clients and potential customers.


Near Field Communication is surely the most innovative concept in the field of mobile app development and hence render a high success rate.

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