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With a lot of competition, news app development is a serious business and good developers are required in order to build apps that are good at aesthetics as well as performance. News app clones are in high demand and every news agency that wishes to have mobile apps is looking for news mobile app development company that can deliver quality apps at the least cost.

Like most things in the world, media has also gone digital. The newspapers are now joining the mobile app bandwagon and most of them have now launched the news mobile apps making it easier for the users to get access to the news. The revenue model of these apps is also quite simple and rewarding. They run ads and generate a good amount of money.

News apps need to be updated at a regular basis and hence, an easy-to-use content management system should also accompany such apps. In terms of the features, the news apps have the options to view the news based on the location and diverse categories. In this era of digitization, news apps have emerged as a replacement of the newspaper that we have been using for decades. The number of smartphones is growing as so is the number of businesses venturing to be a part of mobile app ecosystem.

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Why Are News Apps So Popular

People want to stay updated with the news even on the go and news apps let facilitate it. They are better than news websites in so many ways and hence, they are preferred over the e-newspaper. The apps not only offer a native experience but also seem to work without an active internet connection by storing news content in the cache. The users are provided with the option to filter the news content on the basis of city, news categories like entertainment, sports, politics and many more. As these apps reside inside the mobile devices, they are portable and the users can have a sneak peak into the app whenever they feel like.

As the news in the app can be updated at the frequent basis, the users get the latest news with the help of just a few clicks. The sharing options provided in the news app enable the users to share the news on their favorite social media channels as well. Both iPhone news app development as well as news apps for Android are quite popular among their respective fans.

Features You Get In a News App

A well-designed app built by quality app development company like AppsChopper has these features to engage the audience at all levels and also allowing the app managers to manage the app’s content in an efficient manner.

Have a look at the striking features the news apps offer

•  An Uncluttered & Attractive UI
A great news mobile app design is one that boasts an aesthetic design and a user interface with a minimalist approach. It implies that the content should be distributed in the app such that the screens do not appear crowded with the content.

•  Content Filtering
The options to filter the content on different bases should be incorporated in the app to cater the audience of diverse taste and sensibilities. Hence, the users can view news that matters to them the most and discard the others.

•  Option To Resize The Font
The content that is displayed on the skin can be zoomed in order to facilitate easy viewing without putting any strain on the eyes. This feature also helps users with weak eyesight who have difficulty in reading small font.

•  Offline Access
The news content is downloaded in the cache of the app when it is connected to the web and can be made available when there is no internet, hence providing offline access to the news.

•  Content Sharing
This feature enables the users to share what they read on the app on different social media channels. This not only increases the views of the app but also gives the users a great experience.

•  An Efficient CMS
With the app, you also get a content management system that eases and simplifies the process of updating the content on the news app.

•  Premium Content
If you wish, a separate section for the premium content can be added to the app that you can make available for your privileged customers.

Apart from these features, there is a whole lot of features and functionalities that comes with the news app developed by AppsChopper.

The AppsChopper Advantage

AppsChopper is a name to reckon when it comes to news app development. Based in New York, AppsChopper has already crafted news apps for clients from many parts of the world. Whether you require an Apple news app developer or Android app development, we will deliver the best solution.

•  Certified and Seasoned Developers
We have a pool of skilled programmers who creates robust architecture for new vertical and develop apps for Android platform, as well as perform iPhone news app development. We recruit the best of the lot and ensure the unparalleled quality of apps.

•  Unmatched Experience in News App Development
AppsChopper has been in the mobile app development for a considerable amount of time and has gained expertise in developing apps for iOS and Android platforms in varied verticals including the news and publishing. We create apps for both platforms with equal dexterity.

•  An Enviable Body Of Work
We have catered thousands of clients from all over the world and our portfolio is nothing short of a complete package. The clients that AppsChopper has worked for are big names of the industry.

•  Proven Customer Satisfaction
Through reduced news app development cost and by writing quality news app code, we are able to create a complete and reliable solution for our clients and ensure that they have a great time partnering with us.


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