On-Going Business App Development Trends Rocking 2018

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What makes a business app performance-riched and modern? Well, this is the much-debated topic. Here’re latest app development trends, which majority of business app development companies implement.

Mobile app industry is flourishing in recent time with a great pace due to its skyrocketing needs among both individuals and businesses. The most striking fact about app is that it is a favorable product for both startups and big market players. It serves the same purpose for both, though their requirements are different and apps are designed accordingly.

As per Statista, today app stores is swamped with over 6.6 million apps to cater needy. And the total figure of app downloads was 178.1 billion during the last year. This figure clearly verifies the fact that app industry is expanding its horizon continuously.

There are numbers of business app development companies satisfying demand of organizations by letting them find an efficient mobile application to cater their marketing and other requirements.

In order to make app more advanced, business app development companies include robust features, while ensuring to implement the modern trends 2018. We’ll talk here all on-going trends that make a business app more smart, efficient, productive and meaningful.

Enhanced Mobile Searches with AMP

When it comes to latest mobile app trends, it is necessary to talk about accelerated mobile page (AMP) first. Business app development companies frequently exploit AMP’s potentials, which are not limited only to improve loading speed of your web page in mobile app, but it is also helpful in increasing conversion rate, customer retention, improve bounce rate, make your online presence successful. In other words, AMP enables you to fulfill expectation of your customers in the easiest way.

IoT and Wearable Will Have a Dominance for a Long Time

No one can deny the fact that IoT and Wearable have a big hand in making today’s app more intelligent and serve beyond expectation. Majority of business app development companies are familiar of the fact and harness complete benefits of the technology when developing an advanced application.

It is expected that the demand of both IoT and wearable will be increased further in 2018. As businesses seem to be more excited and ready to invest in IoT based app after witnessing its tremendous potentials.

Android Instant App is Blooming

Undeniably, Android instant app is regarded as the biggest discovery in the app world. With the said app, users rejoice with a complete liberty of exploring the content even without downloading the app. Needless to say, it is quick and able to let customers feel excited by offering a new kind of experience.

Improved App Security

With the growing scope of cashless money, mobile application is used for money transaction these days for a wider extent. This clearly arises the importance of security to make transaction more secure, quick and easier. In order to make transaction safe completely, various app development stages that include code encryption, payment gateway, back-end, API, etc. After this, the app is tested to observe whether it is working in an expected manner.

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is nowadays in everywhere and witnessed its thriving demand in every field, app development is not an exception. If we say, cloud technology is taking the app development industry to the next level, it is certainly not wrong! Business app development companies today reap out complete benefits of the said technology and help clients gain numerous benefits through cloud based app.

Cloud technology not only reduces the load of internal memory, but also makes app more efficient and fast. Cloud based apps are capable of making business operation smooth and streamline, and thus makes the entire investment worthwhile.


When choosing business app development companies, you need to be able to choose a right service provider who must be possessing an in-depth understanding of the latest trends. The company must be possessing enough skills to make the best utilization of these trends to make app more productive and fulfil expectations of your business.

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