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How Mobile Application can Boost Restaurant Business?

Mobile application development is one of the most trendy way to reach the target crowd and extend the business to a new level. A lot of mega restaurant names are too using this trick to get closer to their customers....

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iPod Application Development: Some Unsung Features of iOS 6 Devices

If we go with the words of Apple which states that the iOS 6 is introduced with more than 200 new features as compared to its previous versions then we can imagine the vast opportunities for an application development company....

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Mobile App Testing Techniques

All About Mobile App Testing Techniques

Mobile Application Testing techniques ensure that the application is bug free at both user interfaces as well as back end process. The neck to neck competition among the mobile applications has colored this process of app testing with brighter shades....

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The Toughest Face to Face: Apple iTunes App Store vs. Google Play

It is undoubtedly true that the first milestone in the field of applications was placed by the Apple with the release of App store in 2008 but Google too followed the pace by launching the Google App store in the...

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BlackBerry Application Development: Business App Development Tips

BlackBerry application development is a way different from the other trades of mobile application development. So it is really a must for you to take care of some important aspects before developing a Business application for BlackBerry devices. In this...

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Geofencing Mobile Apps

Geo Fencing: The Latest Phase Of Mobile Application Development

What is Geo Fencing? Geo Fencing is a technique to sector the physical geographical area by virtual boundaries. These virtual sectors are independently connected to a server and send notification as soon as a connected device leaves the area or...

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Quote World: Our First Android Application

'Quote World' is an application designed exclusively for the users who believe in principals; who believe in achieving the goals and the one who believes in inspiration. Not just literally but this mobile is actually the world of thousand of...

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Wake Up Call to Face the Hard Truth behind Mobile Apps

This post of ours is not about discouraging you from your key goals of mobile application development; we are just giving you a wake up call to make you aware about behind the curtain stories of mobile app development. It...

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History: Mystery of Mobile Application Development Revealed HERE

The world has undoubtedly accepted the fact that applications are the way to get the most of the smart phones. Isn't it interesting to trace the history markups for the mobile application development and summarizing the fact that this term...

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Mobile JavaScript Frameworks: Latest JavaScript frameworks for Mobile Development

If you are a newbie in the field of website development then it is really very crucial for you to get expertise hands on the latest JavaScript frameworks for mobile development. Mobile JavaScript framework has unquestionably carried the touch screen...

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Mobile Application vs Mobile Website

Mobile Application vs Mobile Website: Which is Right for Your Business?

In this post, we will share insights on one of the most debated topic, mobile application vs mobile website, and which is best for your business growth. The number of smartphone users across the world will cross the mark of...

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Android vs iOS – Which One to Choose

Which Operating System to Choose from the Stack? Android or iOS

Mobile applications are the crucial part of every Smartphone. This mobile software provides you the maximum scope of your mobile's hardware persona. It is very interesting to figure out the starting steps of mobile applications when they were first introduced...

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