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Single-Page Application vs Multi-Page Application: What to Choose for Business?

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this blog post, we have covered Single-Page Application vs Multi-Page Application comparison as well as which one a business should opt. The web world is evolving at a faster rate where the only way to compete is to have the best resources with you. Irrespective of the business that you carry, it is mandatory

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Android App Development - AppsChopper

9 Major Advantages of Android App Development

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this blog post, we have discussed the importance and advantage of Android app development for building innovative applications for businesses Today, our day to day life revolves around technology in many ways. It has been predicted that a number of smartphone users is set to rise with the arrival of various advanced Android applications.

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Geofencing for mobile apps - AppsChopper

Growing Use of Geofencing in Mobile Apps

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this blog post, we have discussed how Geo Fencing has taken mobile app development market by storm & has become the latest phase in the app development arena. Geofencing is a technique to sector the physical geographical area by virtual boundaries. These virtual sectors are independently connected to a server and send notification as

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