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Hybrid VS Native Mobile Application: How to Pick The Right Ones?

App developers often seem to be puzzled with when it comes to making the right choice between native and hybrid mobile apps development. Both have their own pros and cons and are equally in practice in the app development horizons. So, the question here is, which one will be right for businesses? Well, there’s no

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Emerging App Development Trends: A Complete Overview!

Google, the leading online search engine, made stunned everyone last year by unveiling the most downloaded and trending mobile apps list for Android platform. The surprising element was: These were not the leading apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and other giants. The apps were lesser known, which most of the app developers may not have even

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Multi-platform Mobile Apps

Benefits of Having Multi-Platform Mobile Apps for Business

In this blog post we will be throwing lights on why it is important to have multi-platform mobile apps for business, and how it helps target users on both iOS and Android platforms. The credit goes to iOS and Android platforms for the innovation in mobile domain and making smartphone much more than just a

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