Segregated Features of Utility Apps to make them More Meaningful

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In this blog post, we will be sharing some of the most common features of utility apps and some more to make them different from competition.

In present scenario, mobile apps has become an important part of our lives. There are some important category of mobile apps, which we use more frequently in our daily life. Some apps like entertainment, communication, gaming and more are popular among users for giving them a personalized experience.

Utility apps are nowadays highly famous among smartphone users for improving their mobile experience. These apps enables user to add capabilities of their smartphone, by either boosting performance or adding some more features. This increased usability and scope of these apps.

Unlike other types of services or company-based apps, a utility app customizes the functionality & performance of a device in many ways. Your user will definitely find these apps quite useful and favorable to accelerate the functionalities of their devices. Utility and productivity apps are advantageous to modify the features of the device and facilitate users with multiple utility options.

Segregated Features of Utility Apps

Document Editor or Reader

Document editors are important type of utility apps, which allow users to go through a quick view of PDF files. It allow them to make edits or correction using some advanced options like highlighting, commenting, adding signature and more on the go. Some must have features for document editor apps:

  • Capable to scans PDF files stored in email, drive, or memory card before user open to read or edit.
  • Through the app, users can edit the document using text comments, highlight, etc.
  • The app makes cache review to keep a track of all PDF files accessed by the users.
  • During the frequent usage of app, temporary files should automatically delete in a week’s time or so. High storage results in app uninstall.

Device Cleaner App

It is designed as a lightweight tool that perform junk file analysis, clean app cache, unwanted downloads, browser history, clipboard content, temporary files and lot more. These apps also integrate features like memory support, boost feature, antivirus, etc. for monetization. Aside from cleaning files, it also cleans duplicate images and thumbnails to improve speed of your user’s device. Some features to make utility app more powerful:

  • Include power clean feature that makes background scanning and report for quick clean. A way to increase engagement.
  • Auto schedule for a complete scan and perform the task accordingly. Manual cleanup is always an option.
  • After cleanup, display the complete freed space report with breakup of apps and categories.

Reminder App

As the name suggests, a reminder app customizes various important tasks according to your needs and preferences. It provides valuable task reminders based on time, location, date and more. The best part of usability of a reminder app is that it is best for both personal and professional usages. Some must have features of good reminder app include:

  • Keep sync with your devices and categorize important information and dates.
  • Add important attachments to your events for easy viewing.
  • Send important reminder through SMS and Email as preferred by your users.

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Calculator App

Yes, every smartphone has an in-built calculator, but they are very basic in terms of functionality. Your audience wants more from those calculators with capabilities to store old queries, scientific formulas, save images and much more. Some of such amazing features to include in a calculator app:

  • These apps include an advance security features and allow only a genuine user to access the secret images.
  • View a complete details related to their previous calculations.
  • Optimize memory feature to allow users perform multiple calculations in the easiest way.
  • Enable gesture control to empower users do complex calculations by just putting their finger across the screen.
  • Camera integration to scan images and calculate on the go.
  • Add functionality to create graphs, tables, stats, etc.
  • Password protection option to make sure only respective user can access the calculation data.

Weather App

It is a small and a lightweight mobile app that works on synchronizing and displaying data from a centralized server. It allows users to check important updates regarding weather condition and can plan their work accordingly. Users enjoy a complete liberty to be updates on currently, hourly and weekly forecasts for certain static locations. Some more cool features to include by app development companies in weather utility app:

  • Push notification related to current weather forecast and many more.
  • Add air quality index monitor and display current PM 2.5 value.
  • Include a map to make the best presentation of weather condition and help users understand the actual weather condition nearby and globally.
  • Historical temperature trends and predication regarding changes in certain diverse locations.
  • Include drought monitoring and forecast tab to help those who are from agriculture sector.

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