How to Calculate Mobile Game Development Cost?

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In this blog post we will discuss on some crucial factors that can be taken into account to understand the range of mobile game development cost.

The cost of gaming app is the first thing that often comes in mind of most people planning to invest into it. Businesses often seek to evaluate the overall cost incurred in game development before proceeding further.

Always bear in mind, that even the best game app development company can not predict exact cost based on your ideas. It’s really complex to discuss about complete cost of your app development initially.

The cost of a mobile gaming app may range from $50K to millions. Mobile games is the most revenue generating category, the count of mobile apps on Play Store and Apps Store states the same.

The question stands, what is the best way to calculate mobile game development cost?

Straight answer, you can’t calculate the accurate cost, though it’s possible to know the cost range based on certain factors that have a big influence on game development cycle. Here are all the major factors:

App Development Team

Choosing an experienced team of engineers who have handled similar projects in the past, is pre-requisite to make great apps. Game app development life-cycle involves lots of processes like research, analysis, coding, designing and more. Experienced app developers company handles these tasks with a greater efficiency.

In US, the cost of hiring a game engineer varies between $45 to $250 on hourly basis, depending on their experience. Their charges are based on the total time they spend during your game development.

Initial Expenses

Mobile game development requires research and planning, and its perfect implementation to ensure huge success in the market. App professionals conduct brainstorming sessions to draw up a your concepts including idea analysis, story-line, characters, game levels, etc. The total time spent on it depends on complexity of your project. Though this is a planning phase, it involves additional expenses.

Mobile Operating System

Your selection of mobile operating system influences efforts and the cost of game app development to a wider extent. Apple OS is costlier than Android, when it comes to third party API integration, payment system, administration system, etc. Your final selection of choosing a right OS for your gaming project should be based on your target audience and business requirements.

Android becomes expensive if you are seeking to make your game compatible with an older version. Though Hybrid is expensive, it offers lots of advantages compared to both Android and iOS.

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Game Script

A proper character and story-line is required to develop a successful game app, and also to avoid any conflict in future. In game scripting process, curators create a unique story aiming to engage players till finish of the game. At the same time, they also spend time to think about the personality, appearance, dialect, behavior of users.


This is the most important step that involves execution of strategy to shape your game app ideas into a real product. It consume majority of time, and thus expenses to develop the final product. Just have a look over the detailing in popular games and try to evaluate the time spent during their development.

Development technologies involved is another major factor that plays vital role in affecting mobile game development cost. Since, latest technologies have limited resources in market, the cost of hiring those resources are at the higher end.

Mini Games

Mainly casual game falls into this category. With 2D graphics and limited functionality, it is basically a simple game that doesn’t need any extra skills to play. Users get a liberty to start or end these games even without saving the progress. Casual games like Candy Crush Saga is an amazing example of 2D graphics and limited functionality. Visuals of these games are of course excellent. The average development costs of such games ranges between $50k to $70k.

Mid-Level Mobile Game

Social and cross-platform game apps mainly fall into this category. Social games are meant to be played by multiplayers using popular social media network. Incorporated with stats mechanism and multiple users playing together, these games access a limited amount of data using oAuth protocol and mobile network. Some popular social games like Dragon City, Clash of Clans and others became instant hit among people. The average development cost for social media games is somewhere around $200 thousand to $400 thousand.

Cross-platform games, on the contrary, give users a complete liberty to play game using different alternatives like web browsers, social networks and mobile apps. Some popular cross platform app games are Killer Instinct, Alien Breed, etc. Cross platform game development needs experts’ hand to deal with complex coding and incorporation of features for multiple platforms. It costs approximately $200 thousand to $300 thousand.

High Level Mobile Gaming

In this category, mainly shooters and adventurous games fall. These games are designed with great graphics and detailed sound to give users a real-like experience. Developing these games need a lot of time to develop – average cost is approximately $2 million.


Remember, no one is interested to play a slow or buggy mobile game. Testing is required for every app developed to ensure its smooth functionality and work flawlessly in real-world scenarios. Generally, it requires nominal expenses.

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