Factors that Decide the Android App Development Cost

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In this blog post, we have penned down the different factors which take part while deciding the Android App development cost.

Android apps are no longer used just for entertainment purposes but prove their mettle in almost every aspect. Android apps have crossed the 3.3 million mark in 2018 on the play store and are expected to generate $42 billion in revenue by 2021. The above stats make it quite easier to assess the growing popularity of Android apps among users and the scope for monetization for businesses.

Businesses now started recognizing the hidden potentials of Android apps and frequently opt for these apps to magnify their appearance among target customers. This, on the other hand, has pushed the demand for Android app development extensively.

So, What is the Cost of Android App Development?

Well, this question is highly popular among those planning to develop apps and seeking to know how much overall investment would be. The average cost of an Android app is $23000, which tends to be increased further with the integration of numbers of features, functionalities, etc. Meanwhile, the actual cost of Android app development depends on numerous factors, which are as follows.

Audience Analysis

This is the first process of developing a mobile app for your business. Since you are developing your app for your target audience, it’s important to gather enough information regarding their behavior, needs, preferences, dislikes, etc. This information is analyzed properly to imagine the type of app you are planning to develop. To gather the audience data, the best practices are to conduct a survey, personal interviews, creating questionnaires for market research, etc. These methods need a perfect utilization of resources and lots of expenses.

Cost Range of Team

In the US, the average cost of hiring an app development company for developing an app ranges between $45 to $250 per hour. If they spend a month for your project, the cost would be between approx $8,910 to $49500. The cost range varies according to the experience and expertise of app developers. The total time of your app development depends on the length, complexity, and type of Android app you are seeking to develop.

Team Strength

It’s another most important factor that is directly involved in determining the cost of Android apps. For a simple Android app, the development team consists of the following way.

  • Project Manager – 1
  • Front-End Developers – 2
  • Back-End Developer – 2
  • QA professional – 1

But, if your project is lengthy and needs more time for development, then the team strength tends to be extended by increasing the number of front-end and back-end developers. And this increases the overall cost of your Android app project.

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UI/UX Designing

When counting the app development cost factor, you can’t forget UI/UX design that also makes a direct impact on the overall cost. The approach you plan for UI/UX design of your app determines the number of designers. The more designers you hire for your project, the more costly your Android app would be.


Coding is an integral part of Android app development. Handling complicated coding is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort to be accomplished properly. Though a large percentage of these codes are generated automatically, still Android Developers have to spend time with debugging, reviewing and maintaining it smoothly. These tend to make a considerable impact on the overall cost of app development.

Mid Change Requests

Sometimes, businesses plan to add more features to improvise their app during the development lifecycle. This, sometimes, creates hecticness and makes the project lengthy and expensive. An Android app stuffed with lots of features is often expensive compared to those apps having limited features.


After developing the final product, it is tested for bugs or other technical glitches to ensure its smooth functionality and usability. The testing process further adds cost to your product as it too consumes time.

App Publishing and Maintenance

To make your Android app live on Google Play, you need a developer account by paying $25, which is a one-time payment. Besides, app maintenance is required for ensuring flawless and smooth performance of your app.


People seem to be anxious to know the exact cost of Android app development. Well, it’s not possible to calculate the exact cost, which depends on numerous important factors discussed above. Going through these factors gives you ideas about the estimated cost for your project.

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