What to Know When Planning for Mobile App Development?

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In this blog post, we have discussed about the cost, languages, app development process etc. that you must know before you plan to hire a mobile application development company for developing your mobile app.

Planning for app development is considered to be a right business strategy in today’s time, to gain an edge over competitors and thus super head the market. No matter what type of business you own, an app can do wonder for you.

According to report, the number of mobile app downloads will reach up to 258.2 billion by 2022. It envisages, how mobile app is going to lead in future.


A mobile app lets you interact with your target audience directly, promote your products and services among them, send notification for deals, etc. With use of app analytics tool, business can easily explore stats related to user activities and target them accordingly. In other words, app lets entrepreneurs get complete solutions of all their business needs.

So, while planning to have a business app, you need to explore various things related to mobile app development, including understanding the process, cost, language, development software and many more. We will explain everything that entrepreneurs often wish to know before partnering with a mobile development company.

What is Meant by App Development?

Mobile app development is basically a process or an activity, which is performed to develop an application or software for smartphone, tablet, wearable and various other devices. Majority of mobile apps are nowadays developed on iOS and Android, which are the two major app development platforms.Mobile apps are developed with an ability to easily sync with the device and leverage its features like GPS, Camera, Microphone, etc. Developers nowadays create mobile apps to cater specific needs of business and help them in matching their ultimate goal.

How much does it Cost to Build an App?

The cost to build an app ranges from $50,000 to $5,00,000. The actual app development cost depends on the type of your app, functionality, features, development time, etc. In the US, majority of app development companies charge between $50 and $250 on an hourly base.

So, their charge for the app development depends on the time they spend for your project development. For instance, if they spend 700 hrs for your app development, then cost range would be from $35000 ($50 x 700 hrs) to $175000 ($250 x 700 hrs)

The above facts make it clear that it’s tough to predict the exact cost of an app before the development. Still, majority of people seeking to know the exact cost before proceeding for mobile app development.

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What Language is Used to Develop Apps?

As we discussed above, iOS and Android are the two most popular mobile app development platforms. On which, majority of apps are developed of late. Different languages are used to develop apps on these platforms. Java is popular for Android development whereas Objective-C and Swift are the most popular languages for iOS app development.

Officially announced at Google I/O 2017, Kotlin is slowly replacing Java and becoming the most preferred language for Android development. The new programming language for Android is based on Java.

Kotlin sorts out all issues of Java, including more coding works, inherent limitation, need more memory. The new programming language deals better with all these issues and helps developers in building apps more efficiently.

How Apps are Developed?

Take a look at steps related to app development process, which majority of agencies follow.

Requirement Gathering

This step involves of gathering your app idea. You have to explain your idea, along with your specific business requirements to app developers. They will focus on your business, target audience, market scenario, etc., to understand your app requirements.


Once requirements are gathered, the agency then analyzes your project requirements and overview its feasibility along with the live market scenario . Strategy for app development mainly focuses on important factors like identifying competition, monetization, marketing and creating a road map. App strategists set a complete roadmap to take care of all project related milestones or breakthroughs.

Before analyzing app monetization models, professionals will ask you whether you wish to keep your app free for users or make it paid. You have to decide it properly based on your requirements. However, it’s advisable to keep your app free initially for users. If you are ready with this option, you may have question like;

How do Free Apps Make Money?

To answering your question, free apps are only free to download. If users wish to purchase certain premium features, then they have to use in-app purchase to pay the required amount to access features. Besides, several other ways to monetize free app include email marketing, subscription, freemium upsell, collecting and selling data and lots more.


This step is involved of visualizing layout of the app along with icons, buttons, banners and lots of other elements. And creating a prototype based on it. Now, you have to approve the wireframe.

Once you approved, it’s now time to decide the type of app analytic tool, push notification, user engagement platforms, database type, etc. You need to decide whether you are interested to develop your app from scratch, or just using available app architecture.similar to your app.

The final stage of app designing is prototyping, to check functionalities.


Once everything is defined, the development process is then initiated and coding is done based on the finalized prototype. Of course, several changes in coding are done, in order to get the expected outcomes. App developers implement the latest trends and techniques to create mind blowing apps.

Testing and Launch

This phase is involved of ensuring whether the developed app is bug-free and runs smoothly on all the targeted devices. This task is handled by QA experts who test the app’s functionality in different conditions and ensure it functions properly.

They perform different types of testing, including functional testing, usability testing, performance testing, regression testing, user acceptance testing, device-specific testing and fit & finish testing.

Once testing is done successfully, the app is finally submitted to the App Store or Google Store to make it available for target users.

What is Enterprise Mobile App Development?

Enterprise mobile app development aims to match specific business requirements. It solves day to day problems that enterprises face and make their operation smooth and efficient. The ultimate goal of enterprise mobile app development solution is to improve productivity and revenue generation capacity.

Enterprise mobile app development includes an ability to transform how business runs. An app development agency ensures better deployment of enterprise mobility solutions, aiming to make your business stay ahead of competitors.

After witnessing growing popularity and success of enterprise mobile app development solutions, numbers of businesses nowadays frequently opt for the said services and get in touch with a reliable app development company.


The above information is vital and you need to be aware of, if you’re planning to develop a business app. These information will help you make necessary preparation and know several facts that will be useful, when hiring a mobile app development company to create your app.

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