Why you Should Have Mobile App for your Business Along with Mobile Website?

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The emergence of smartphones and tablets has brought the tremendous change worldwide. These devices have made lifestyle a lot easier. Therefore, there is a drastic surge in the usage of mobile devices. As per the recent survey by comScore, about 88% of smartphone users use mobile app, while 12% users employ browsers in mobile phone. Moreover, the 82% of tablet users use app and 18% users use browser. This survey states 2 major facts:

1. Mobile devices have become the significant technology all around the world.
2. The second major thing is that the smartphone & tablet users likes application more than website.

The second fact does not state that launching the mobile application is enough for the business. In fact, the mobile website is also important. The website plays an imperative role in promoting the business on multiple platforms (smartphones and tablets), so that online visitors can easily find the business. In a nutshell, the mobile websites ensure multiple platforms presence. On the other hand, the following reasons make it clear that the mobile application is helpful in maintaining the long-term relationship between the businesses and customers:

Removes Communication Barrier:

The mobile application directly connects the clients and the businesses with the help of messaging and other communication facilities. Hence, customers can send the message instantly to the professional. Moreover, the customers can also share their ordeals.

Improves Quality Of Services & Products:

With the help of direct communication, the users can send the feedback regarding the product. This will assist the business to improve the quality of service and product.

Assists In Direct Marketing:

The mobile app streamlines the process of marketing the products. In fact, with the help of mobile application the business can generate the revenue instantly because the customers can directly make the payment for the  service.

Ease the Process Of Branding:

A mobile application eases the way for the branding and promoting the products as well as services directly.

Besides all these benefits, a mobile application can help the business get the loyal customers. The mobile application is a native app that basically gives outstanding performance as compared to the mobile website, that’s why it has got more users. The mobile websites are search engine friendly, thus online visitors of any platforms,  Smartphone and tablet can easily connect to the business. Hence, it has become imperative for businesses to launch mobile website along with mobile application.


Hope that you are now aware of the value of mobile applications and websites. Both are equally important for the business. If you want to share any information regarding this blog, you can write to us by using the comment section given below.

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