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Every app throws a volley of challenges and we make sure we negate them and fabricate a success story out of it

The Challenge We had to face a great challenge while designing this app. The Vision of our client was blur and we had to give it the right shape. Our challenge was to bring all the Restaurants, Bars, Live Music Venues, Comedy Venues, and Nature Experiences in Chicago under one roof. The purpose of the app was to provide a one-stop guide for the city, helping the users to become city insiders – not just tourists. The content was handpicked from the locals of Chicago that gave precise results to our users.

Solutions From AppsChopper We were given a task that was never attempted in the past with such details. Previously designed apps had very rough and ambiguous results. Our team created an app that was easy to use and gave results according to our mood type and locality. It was a great blend of technological expertise and the data in general. Our team worked really hard on every minute detail just to enhance the user experience.

Outcome The app gives its users amazing results and makes them choose a perfect spot according to their mood. The result speaks for itself as we can see that the app has been used by thousands of people on a day-to-day basis. This app has helped a lot of people is Chicago, and now we want it to benefit the rest of the world.

Go check for yourself and enjoy your evening according to your mood:

Our solutions



Our strategy for the app was to come up with a detailed, articulate, and comprehensive solution by gathering accurate information.



The design part of the app was quite challenging as we had to match the look and feel of the app with iOS and delivered amazing UX.



Our development goals revolved around providing the right result by making the app more intuitive than any of its rivals.


Launch Strategy

The launch strategy of this app depended on its type and its intended audience. We have planned to launch this app on iTunes.


Marketing Collateral

Apart from the design and development, we also assisted our clients in marketing this app by promoting the advertisement campaigns.


App Store Optimization

In order to raise the ranking of this app in the app store, we optimized the app for the respective app stores.


Our core vaules


Apps Users Love

We believe in creating apps that can grab the attention of the users on a large extent. We gathered users’ information before working on this app.


Generating Revenue

We chose the revenue model of this app based on the type of the intended users and created the app with potential to generate huge revenue.


Topping The Charts

Our app has always been on the top of the charts. Our efforts from the onset, is towards taking this app on the top.

Developing an app in 3 month

  • 2 April 2014

    Idea Sharing and Discussion

    It was the time, when we were discussing idea and assessing the feasibility of varied aspects of the outcome.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 8 April 2014

    Screen Designing

    After the brainstorming phase ended, our designers came up with creativity and prepared prototype.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 23 April 2014

    Development & Back-end Update

    Development of admin panel and architecture was completed. And, the content was also added to the back-end in order to make interface highly interactive and beautiful and to obtain the appropriate result.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s
  • 20 May 2014

    Final Testing & Beta Version Release

    App testing was done and back-end was linked in order to make sure that every features was going fine. Along with this, we were waiting for approval from the iTunes app store.

      17 coffe cup’s
      10 pizza’s

Some stats

  • 1000

    App already Installed in 1000 devices- No paid user acquisition/ advertising.
  • Out of 5 Is Average Rating By 100+ People.


“It was a great experience working with the team of AppsChopper. They are very clear about everything and the best part is that they are very punctual. My long list of requirement was incorporated within the app in a very precise manner. I will return to these guys with my next app development project quite soon. ”

Ged Rader (Maternity Protection)

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