5 Changing Mobile Trends In 2014

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In today times, the functionality and layout of mobile technology are changing at a fast pace. Nowadays, shopping desirable item, booking airways/railways ticket, tracking cars and many more tasks, you can do with your mobile phones.

Today, the mobile phones have been transformed to wearable devices, like smartwatch & spec. Mobile devices have become so much advanced that you can now control all your electronics products by just using your smartphones. Today, many giants industries are busy in developing the out-of-box mobile devices that would make human life easier. And, some of the latest innovations that would become trends in 2014 are:-

Wearable Mobile Devices

Wearable devices, like Google Glass, Samsung Gear, Nike FuelBand and many more will emerge with a huge bang this year. Indeed, it is believed that Google will release the Android based smartwatch and Apple would launch an iWatch. The wearable devices can track your health status, take the instant images, ease the social network connectivity and many more that you can’t ever imagine.

Convenient Mobile Payment

Mobile payment is one of the coolest trends of 2014. PayPal Beacon, Isis Mobile Wallet and Google Wallet provide the convenient option to pay your bill at the counter. Today, with mobile banking, you can deposit your check by transferring the picture of your check with your smartphone. You can also use “Autopay Account” that will attach your debit card with the billing system and automatically pay the monthly bill.

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Mobile Based Cloud Computing

The integration of mobile with cloud computing offers the rich application with pleasing mobile experience. Microsoft and Adobe have started shifting their software suites to the cloud, so that the piracy can be minimized. With the changing time, we will see a completely integrated mobile & cloud computing experience and hence, the tasks that are impossible to be completed on smartphones, can be easily completed

Confidential Information Security

Day by day, the density of data is increasing, hence safeguarding the sensitive data is the topmost priority. Password cannot ensure the complete security, in this case biometrics based functionality, like Face-scanning tech and fingerprints scanner will be relevant. And, all these functionalities are being integrated with mobile devices. iPhone Touch ID is the beginning.

Integrating Mobile with Home Electronics

Now, those days are not far, when you can control your home electronics devices, such as oven, TV or even your AC by using your smartphones. Many mobile app development companies have started developing solutions that make the way for controlling the home electronics with the mobile as easy as possible.


Hopefully, you are aware of all five changing trends of mobile technologies. If you know about any new mobile technology apart from the above, you are most welcome to write your view at the comment section given below. Got some other thoughts? Drop us words through our contact page.

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